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I wasn’t planning on picking a word for 2010, but I just did — congruence

Lining up with oneself.  Lining purpose up with essence.

True congruence would be enlightenment.  I’ll aim a little lower.

Beginning with what I hope to be an extended LOOK AT WORDS, the shape of them, the feel of them, I wondered what it would feel like to take a rant page (the black ink) and weave in questions designed to encourage release — like, “Could you let this go”, “would you?” , and “when?” (from “The Sedona Method“) (the magenta).

What I found —

  • ribbons this narrow obscured too much of the text for what I was after.  I have since added vertical lines of machine-quilting and plan to add some hand-stitching tonight… perhaps a lot, given that the words aren’t really legible anyway.
  • I don’t have the right pens yet.  A medium sharpie bleeds too much, and the pigment pen isn’t fat enough.  Also, for this to be effective for how I want to work, I have to be able to write FASTER — which might require securing the fabric to a surface and acquiring different markers.  Any recommendations?
  • the Ott light reads as REGULAR fluorescent and not HOT fluorescent  on my camera’s manual setting– which explains difference in pix.

What I wondered —

  • what it would look like if I pressed the strips first,
  • or made them irregular in width,
  • or turned them into bindings first, like this project
  • does making a cloth piece out of the words/feelings I wish to release by definition mean I’m holding on to them?

An exquisite woven cloth with quilted center, here.

Here are some words on paper that I love and here.

and speaking of inspiration…

Clicking through my Google reader, found this dense compilation of sources of inspiration (artistic) put together by book artist Seth Apter on his blog,  The Altered Page — “Secret Sunday 5“.

(guilty pleasure — I bought one of his pieces on Etsy to give someone for Christmas — I’ll NEVER tell for whom!)

P.S.   For this wreath, I used a $4.99 fake-red-berry Christmas Tree Shop wreath as its base, because I hadn’t had time to cut the wisteria, soak it in five gallon bucket to shape, let dry and wire into circle.  A good short cut!