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I wasn’t planning on picking a word for 2010, but I just did — congruence

Lining up with oneself.  Lining purpose up with essence.

True congruence would be enlightenment.  I’ll aim a little lower.

Beginning with what I hope to be an extended LOOK AT WORDS, the shape of them, the feel of them, I wondered what it would feel like to take a rant page (the black ink) and weave in questions designed to encourage release — like, “Could you let this go”, “would you?” , and “when?” (from “The Sedona Method“) (the magenta).

What I found —

  • ribbons this narrow obscured too much of the text for what I was after.  I have since added vertical lines of machine-quilting and plan to add some hand-stitching tonight… perhaps a lot, given that the words aren’t really legible anyway.
  • I don’t have the right pens yet.  A medium sharpie bleeds too much, and the pigment pen isn’t fat enough.  Also, for this to be effective for how I want to work, I have to be able to write FASTER — which might require securing the fabric to a surface and acquiring different markers.  Any recommendations?
  • the Ott light reads as REGULAR fluorescent and not HOT fluorescent  on my camera’s manual setting– which explains difference in pix.

What I wondered —

  • what it would look like if I pressed the strips first,
  • or made them irregular in width,
  • or turned them into bindings first, like this project
  • does making a cloth piece out of the words/feelings I wish to release by definition mean I’m holding on to them?

An exquisite woven cloth with quilted center, here.

Here are some words on paper that I love and here.