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Schedule C dance

Say those seemingly innocuous syllables — “Schedule C” — to a self-employed American artist, and I can nearly guarantee a shudder or a groan in response.  At least a heavy sigh.  You might also hear some well-meaning but completely unbelievable assertions of a schedule.  To be stuck to.  Until it’s finished.

I was so deep into my resistance to tax preparation earlier this week, that a whole flurry of activity erupted – activity that might at any other time be laudable.   I made a SoulCollage card about it — called (surprise, surprise!):  Procrastination.  How often does the subject one hopes to depict get expressed in the very act of creating it?



As I cut and paste these images, it became oh-so-clear how procrastination verges into denial and feeds on addiction.  Think of those Venn diagrams they taught us like it was ever-so-critical in third grade and then never mentioned again.

Three equal-sized circles overlapping with their neighbors on the side, and with all three, in the middle.  Ah – there’s the rampant TV-watching, butting up to the refusal to look at the calendar, intersecting with the activity that is NOT preparing Schedule C. 

You see, when the time starts to get critical – which it is not yet, but will be soon — any activity that is NOT PREPARING SCHEDULE C, is procrastination — no matter how wonderful that activity otherwise would be.  In my college years, I became famous for rearranging the furniture the moment it became crunch-time for a lengthy paper  – and not just my bedroom, but the entire apartment (unlike overeating or watching endless hours of bad TV, at least rearranging furniture has the side-benefit of stress relief… if you saw me, you would know why this is especially true for me, standing at 5′ 1″ — and, honestly, outside of pianos, I’ve never met a piece of furniture I couldn’t shove to a new position all by myself).

This year, this week,  I’ve been cleaning out drawers.  Not just a puttering straightening of a few objects — but rather a ruthless re-sorting that invariably involves the entire house (and LOTS OF TIME).  It’s almost felt virtuous.  But we know better.  Procrastination possesses all manner of craft.

clock-moonCleaning up in the overwhelming mess of basement-studio, this little scene got arranged.  How bad can that be?

baby-blanket-WIPPiecing up some scraps from “Ghost House” with remnants from the barn quilts, getting halfway toward a delightful crib blanket.  Again, can this so bad?  I even worked on the massive Global Warming quilt, completing one lower quadrant — good, right?!


No, no and no!!  Until the expenses are logged into excel and the receipts tidied and all the bank statements ordered and gone through, I will not legitimately be working on ANYTHING.  It will all be procrastination in disguise!