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looking in, out, down, and back


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Here I combine a meditation on windows with a celebration of the ease with which I can now access ALL our digital photos while in Photoshop Elements. It is probably good to celebrate SOMETHING about our ‘upgrades’ – at least until such time as I no longer feel the need to place ‘upgrade’ in quotes. Above photo was two days ago, chives this week, holey espadrilles and storm windows – all recent. The rest —  from 2003 and 2004, I think.


where the morning sun comes in


brother’s L.A. window – looking in at quilt populated with windows


view from side porch steps


front steps


cleaning of sills


garden installation helper (2003?)


looking aside (long ago – so looking back, too)


self portrait for project I no longer remember


sleep, window, blankies and boy

I am taken with this idea of looking back, archiving, revisiting images, partly from Jude Hill‘s similar impulse (scanning old journals and sketchbooks).  And, partly from a recently formed intention to melt away some of the regret and longing and sadness that seem to arise thinking about the past. I will look back and keep breathing.

C's bed

C’s bed