Newton Open Studios done for another year!

A few quilts on display

A few quilts on display

Newton Open Studios was this past weekend and many, many folks got out and around the city to look at art work and crafts.  It’s hard to gauge if there were more or less people than last year, but it was good, whatever the number.



It’s hard to take decent pictures with a house full of people, so forgive the focus on a few of these.  I made a lot of cards, blank books, ACEOs and jewelry this year.


A few of Dan Wiener’s clay pieces above… and Maria Mizrahi’s jewelry, below…


My pillows were a big hit, so I’m going to have to find a good source of wool felt.



Now it’s back to Journal Quilts, finishing a piece for the Quilter’s Connection show next week, lining up my next couple of gigs, and mostly — GARDENING!!  Yahoo.  After a long, dreary, cold, and wet spring, at last I was out today pulling up weeds in the sun.

Jack, the camera-shy Corgi, loves to flop himself over (he sort of tips over, cause he’s so fat) in the sun.  No surprise!  He was born and raised in Puerto Rico.   Someday soon, I’ll sneak a picture of him (remember he is absolutely terrified of cameras) so you can relish his pleasure.

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