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Sinead O'Connor picture at the MFA

Sinead O'Connor picture at the MFA

After living in the Boston area for 23 years, I finally managed to see the ‘Art in Bloom’ exhibit at the MFA.  Well, sort of.  I had an hour and it was really packed, but I saw a few and marveled over a them and took a couple of pictures…

The bouquet for this picture was amazing (my picture of it was not) — with a spiky plant capturing the stubble, an orchid for an ear, and a massing of white roses for the skin and purity.  I think this was a Ritts photograph, but I’m not sure, and I’m sorry I didn’t see who made the floral arrangement either.  The photograph is very large, which adds to its impact — roughly 3.5 to 4′ wide.

Newton Open Studios is coming up!  On May 16 and 17, my home will be open from 11 to 5.   I have lots of new work, and two other artists will be here — Dan Wiener, who makes incredible ceramics and Maria Mizrahi, who fashions tropical nuts into funky, chunky jewelry.

So the blog will be quiet until after that  (I always work right up until the last minute).  Everything for sale in my etsy store will be available here.  If time permits, I’ll post some pictures.

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