Track practice knows no vacations.

Danny Gregory‘s “Every Day Matters” inspiring some drawing.
“Protect this House” seems like as good a year end prayer as any.
“If it feels good, it’s guidance” seems like as good a check-in practice as any —
(from the recent Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine in an article by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch).

Recent computer update creating hassles (of course) none of which I seem to be able to sort out.
Which is why this scan is haloed and weird instead of simply a line drawing.

Too much tending, cooking, visiting, eating, sleeping, reading to get much of anything else done.
Hope I can get a few piles of crap into the basement or garage tomorrow, with help.

4 thoughts on “PROTECT THIS HOUSE

  1. Carolyn

    Hi Dee

    Thanks so much for your lovely message. I didn’t know you had a blog so will add you to my list! Happy New Year!

    I’m glad my blog inspired you but follow your heart. The Erosion Bundle Project is a good one to start with because once you’ve put it together and placed it somewhere you can forget about it until April. Then you will feel very pleased with yourself and tackle the next thing …

    Follow your heart and do whatever makes you happy. I only posted my list because it helps me to focus on the things I want to achieve. It helps me to arrange the deadlines and feel in control and also to stick to it!

    Have a lovely creative weekend. I’m not hoovering up needles until Monday …

    Best wishes
    Carolyn xx

    1. deemallon

      Thanks, for your note back, Carolyn. What a nice message to start 2010 with! I may post my list yet. Placing out here does create a sense of accountability… you’re right about that!

  2. deemallon

    thanks, Jude! I WILL figure out the scanner/photoshop interface, I WILL figure out the scanner/photoshop interface…

    very much looking forward to seeing the story fragments that you compose this year!


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