Five Things, Early 2010

One, the weather — It is snowing. And cold. Colder than yesterday.

One thing I did well yesterday — shifted out of major crankdom. How? By allowing myself to return to the cellar and the big piece on the floor. Brought sections up later and worked them by hand. This is new! Sections brought upstairs and worked by hand.  Can’t wait to lay them back down.

One thing I could have done better yesterday — I could have shifted earlier in the day and spared my family my verbal torrents of discontent.

Two things I’ll commit to doing today that I might not otherwise do
** get all remaining boxes and bags out of the house
** locate the remaining stink in the fridge before loading it with new groceries.

And, by the way, this SoulCollage card, made this summer, represents a prayer for the new year.

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