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Enjoying Jude Hill’s idea about ‘keeping it simple’ (Cloth Whispering, online class).  The happy, “quick” quilt for D. is lingering in the assembly line, which makes it no longer quick, and somehow, a little less happy as well.  Also, the piece I’ve been calling “the Remnant Quilt” (its starting point was chunks of “Treasure Island Quilt” that didn’t get used), is now its own thing and not at all about leftovers, which is good — but, it is in that phase where the morphing feels endless and completion seems an impossibility — which is frustrating.  So, making quick little hearts is a balm.  The one above was given to D. – not in lieu of the other, but as the quick gift I intended.

Denim is a little tough to poke a needle through, so runs a tad contrary to the idea of keeping it simple, but I love the way this pink design snakes across this black rayon heart.  A former pair of pants.  Is it a catepillar?  A scar?  A decorative tatoo?  No need to decide.

This heart is backed by a piece of old overalls of mine.  The silk upholding it is delicious, with hand-embroidered details.  The green cotton came from a pair of D.’s boxers (whaaat?  I washed them!)

This one, I delivered to a friend on Sunday to mark the passing of her father.

In one of her commentaries, Jude talks about not knowing what to do with new ideas right away.  This is THE FIRST time I have incorporated any of the cloth weaving I did in an earlier class.  I have a rather large stack of woven strips that are waiting for me.  This is a chunk of one, not even the whole thing.  But, it’s a start.

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