not straying

Somewhere along the way last year, I was interviewed by two gallery owners (lovely women) and was graciously invited to mount a show — all well and good, and it would have happened, I’m sure,  had a certain job not.

But, here’s what I am so appreciating right now.

They saw some pieces of mine that had a lot of white in them — big aprons of linen or muslin.  Or woven strips, with white gesso glommed over them.  Not really what I’ve been ‘doing’ over the last many months.

So, here I am uncovering one Global Warming piece after another (this one was behind a board in the basement – I’d completely forgotten about it). And guess what? I don’t want to make anything pale or ecru or subtle or washed out right now. I want to finish this series in all its chaotic, popping out color.

Just a little note, reflecting on the freedom associated with not trying to sell anything these days.

8 thoughts on “not straying

  1. chris gray

    Go for it Dee!

    I love the colours zinging around this piece…

    …and I’m glad you’re still enjoying the freedom from “selling pressures”

    x Chris

  2. Morna Crites-Moore

    Wow! What a piece. I love the cacophony of color. 🙂

    Also, I am really loving your comment at my blog where you called my piece “interactive” – brilliant! Thank you.


  3. isathreadsoflife

    This is superb, absolutely magnificent ! I just love the blending of deep and lively colours, the patterns that remind me of African fabrics I so enjoy using in quilting. Bravo 🙂


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