This winter in particular makes us feel like survivors… we made it through. Endured. My little fiber  house had been tipped by the snow and now I have tipped it back. Can’t wait to see if its companion of last season (a fern that grew up through it) comes back (of course it will come back! why wouldn’t it come back?).

Well, so much damage in our yard this year from the storms. A little heart breaking. Nevertheless, reasons to sigh and celebrate are to be found everywhere.

7 thoughts on “endured

  1. Ginny

    I love the last shot with the shell. I am taking notes of pictures to steal from you for the show.

    I thankfully remembered to bring my little house in doors. It spent the winter around my Peace Plant. Not sure if it will make it back outdoors or not, but I think it would look great holding up my bleeding hearts or some Yorktown Onions….on the decisions of spring. Finally something to smile about.

  2. Ger

    Brave little fiber house…! – if it were not for the shell, I´d suspect you had been sneaking on my balcony – there´s a pot just like yours, with the same beginnings of the same plant in it…


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