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sedum bowing from the rain

Everybody knows that big game cats kill their targeted prey some very small percent of the time, right?  (It might be as low as 15%).

I thought of that (half-remembered) fact photographing the sedum this morning.  They are bowed down from last night’s rain.  It really came down hard for awhile, and they bear signs of repeated pummeling.

Still, they soak up the sunlight and afford bees their nectar like any other day.

Do they wring their petals with self-blame because they are not standing upright?! Thinking to themselves, “I am so weak, so bad, so stupid” ?  Of course not!  Sedum can’t wring their petals!!

Just kidding.  Even on a day not particularly marked by self-doubt, I like to remember that fact about cats. We think of them as such mighty hunters – and THEY ARE – but they fail more than half the time!! Imagine how much poorer their kill rate would be if they berated themselves for all those misses?!! What if when I was bowed down, I could still soak up the sun just like any other day?  Absent the narrative?

I am also interested in the FENCE in this picture.  Over at Spirit Cloth, where I am taking another cloth class, I have asserted the house as my motif (what? again?) and noticed that, unlike wings (Jude Hill’s chosen motif), houses are about enclosures, security and shelter.  So different from flight, freedom, and expansion.  But, the house sits on a parcel of land… and that has an edge too.  So, there is something to expand to from the edges of a house.  Or, there is a secondary enclosure.

Kind of thinking out loud here.

In what ways does a HOUSE bring freedom? 

And, if a house does or does not afford freedom, why?  What does it depend on — who lives inside?  where the fences are — if there are any? the foundation?


This winter in particular makes us feel like survivors… we made it through. Endured. My little fiber  house had been tipped by the snow and now I have tipped it back. Can’t wait to see if its companion of last season (a fern that grew up through it) comes back (of course it will come back! why wouldn’t it come back?).

Well, so much damage in our yard this year from the storms. A little heart breaking. Nevertheless, reasons to sigh and celebrate are to be found everywhere.