Website or No?

I’m thinking of taking down my website. It is dead-ish. I never update it and only feel bad for not updating it. It doesn’t really represent my work anymore. But, maybe I’d like to replace it with a very simple, do-it-yourself website. Do any of you have thoughts about this?

Do any readers have strong feelings about blogging vs. maintaining a website?

Or, more generally, what cluster of social networking is working best for people? (Blog plus facebook page?)

Is the answer different for selling? I notice some fiber artists link to etsy, some to big cartel, and some to a post on their blog.

5 thoughts on “Website or No?

  1. jude

    i think these days, a blog can act as a website. it can be a showcase as well as a dialogue. i think facebook is a good link to have for selling and keeping folks posted on what’s going on, you can link your blog and your shop too. best to have both. website, i don’t think it is that necessary if you have the other 2.

  2. Karen Turner

    I think about this from time to time – whether I need a website or not. Generally I think not. As Jude points out, a blog can be just as good. I have the blog, facebook and flickr, and, for me, I think that’s enough. I’m not selling work at the moment, so I downgraded my bigcartel shop to the free version (so that it doesn’t cost me anything while I’m not using it). I tend to think if it ain’t broke it doesn’t need fixing. Will be interested to see what you decide.

  3. deb g

    I think it just depends on whether you want your blog to be free from the “selling” side of things. But absolutely, a blog can do the same job.

  4. Ginny

    The way I see it, the website is a “portfolio” showcasing best work. The blogs are works in progress, fluid, changing, fun and dynamic. Esty is a great place to sell and can be linked to both. FB as a tool, I haven’t really mastered, but still I like it. You can all of the above relatively cheaply for less than $20 a month. Websites are good because they have a stronger web presence and are easier to find on a browser.

  5. Maggie

    I’m thinking of doing a website. Mainly because I want to learn the tools of that trade and involve kids in media literacy. I was recently reading up on educational workshops and one description included the “R”s as ‘Rithmatic, Readin, ‘Ritin and aRt.


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