thread sketch

Taking little bits at a time.  Like this teeny thread sketch.  It’s ten-thirty and I haven’t started tidying the work space yet.

Pulled an old book off of the shelf yesterday, “Live the Life You Love” by Barbara Sher.  I love the contribution she makes to working with resistance.  Genius, really.  I’ll leave you with a couple of her thoughts:

“If you think your inability to stick with your resolutions is a sign of weakness, I have a surprise for you:  it’s more than likely a sign of strength.”

“… if resistance is universal… then… it must be as natural and biologically based as sleeping or eating, built into our system for a purpose.”

She doesn’t believe we should combat resistance (or even, vilify it) until we recognize its purpose.

I will leave purpose aside for now and just go with some of her tricks for getting around it.  Number one listed strategy for loosening its grip — “Find the smallest unit – and do it.”

This is such a useful technique.  ‘What can I say YES to in this moment?’  There is always something I can say YES to… even if it is just cleaning the iron (actually, bad example, I hate cleaning the iron) — even if it is just — sweeping threads off of the floor, or sewing shut a tiny little seam on something I’ve already made, or locating the fabric I’ll use for straps on a purse in progress.

(Can you tell the pile of cut-out pocket books is NOT feeling very attractive this morning?!!)

Off I go!  To find the smallest unit, and do it!

4 thoughts on “thread sketch

  1. saskia

    good advice to first tackle something small; beautiful bag and quilt on yesterday’s post; we can’t leave tomatoes or basil outdoors just yet, we still get the occasional night frost!

    1. deedeemallon

      thanks, saskia! upstate New York got a dumping of snow last night – glad it wasn’t us!

  2. Ersi Marina

    I never make resolutions because it seems that just making one is enough to put off the task indefinitely. How nice to come upon Barbara Sher’s thoughts on the subject! I’ll follow her (and your) advice. This thread sketch is beautiful, by the way!


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