The Tortoise and the Hare

bleached-strings by dee at clothcompany

Yesterday was the last Improv Quilting class until September. It is nice to feel the approach of summer, and a different pace and set of concerns on the horizon, and it was hard to say goodbye. I will miss the weekly dialogue about cloth, along with the more personal notes about trips, children, grandchildren, former occupations, and so much more.

And, the house will miss the weekly call to clean up. In a fit of pre-class kitchen clean up, I bleached the strings to our Roman blinds — and look at the result!! I have been meaning to do this for ages. It is ALWAYS satisfying to do something you’ve been meaning to do for ages.

I am signed up for three online classes this spring, which will very much mark the turning toward summer. So excited. Karen Ruane (Contemporary Embroidery), Glennis Dolce (blog – “Shibori Girl”; class – Indigo Dyeing), and Jude Hill (blog – “Spirit Cloth”; class – Contemporary Boro). Pretty great, right?

Here is a turtle cloth that I made yesterday.  It was to practice needle-turned applique, which I used for the critter’s feet, head, and tail.  I used a cloth weaving from another Jude Hill class as the shell.  This was a first in many ways.  I used Jude’s method of invisible basting prior to attaching the turtle.  I cannot believe the difference it made in terms of stabilizing the layers and making it POSSIBLE to enjoy the subsequent handwork.  I may be slow, says the turtle, but I’ll get there.

The dark green was a little too dark on the red, so I lightened it with a white oil pastel.  I’m not 100% happy with that result, but it’s better than the untouched green.

I may be slow, but I’ll get there!

(It wasn’t until re-titling this post that I noticed the rabbit above!)

7 thoughts on “The Tortoise and the Hare

  1. deanna7trees

    just love the body of the turtle. some great classes you are taking. have taken classes with all 3 teachers in the past and they are just great and very giving with their knowledge. i’ve slowed down on classes. have lots here to finish up.

  2. Michelle in NYC

    Oh this is so helpful. I am in the peripheral of Jude’s CB2 class, not having taken CB1 and just doing the reading.. My eyes and brain have difficulty following computer print and my skills are so minimal and unpracticed, it’s nice to have this reminder about technique (and that was a good solution to the green…but is oil pastel washable, I wonder? Anyway..thanks for this post. It’s lovely work…and I wish I had a full vision of the Rabbit on his steed…steel toy?

  3. Julie

    Oh I did a Jude Hill online class online and I just loved it….enjoy your Summertime…I am hand quilting my “Spiders in the Jardin” Julierose

  4. deedeemallon

    Hey all – I will probably be overwhelmed in short order, but hopefully can pace myself in a way that makes sense… The dyeing is the hardest for me to wrap my mind around – there is a real beginning obstacle to get over.

    The oil pastel is NOT washable, or I don’t think it is. This turtle may end up part of a larger piece, but I doubt that it will be a blanket, so I wasn’t too worried about its washability.

    I will post full picture of bunny on bunny soon!


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