blue stitches

More pocketbook construction today and much gnashing of teeth.  But, bedtime now, and first thing in the morning, coffee… how bad can it be?!

This sweet textile surfaced over the weekend.  I have two of them.  I think they are valences.  So beautifully stitched and edged!

Between now and Newton Open Studios (May 20), look for more images and fewer words.

4 thoughts on “blue stitches

  1. chris gray

    Love the blue colour….and those tatted edges are gorgeous! I’ve got myself a dvd tutorial to learn how to tat….maybe someday soon I’ll get around to it 😮

  2. shishi

    These are so dainty. Many possibilities.
    Do you have a link to open studio? I’m on the South Shore. It would be fun to meet a ragmate!


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