house evolving

A muggy and grey day with a visit to the periodontist slated early (have no fear — only stitch-removal!)

The Trayvon Martin quilt (blogged earlier here) — “White House of Privilege” — and its intended background have both changed enough that they no longer partner well together. More on that later, but for now — how the house is evolving . . .


early stages of White House of Privilege

I added more strips of blue flanking the house, to make it stand out more. White pickets were added to the foreground later.


more detail on the house

11 thoughts on “house evolving

  1. debbie.weaver

    Its funny how fabric dictates what it wants to do, it does seem to have the upper hand some times.
    I may be leaving this on the wrong day, my email blog from you seems longer than this post. The zigzaggy fabric in the other images looks like something I used to wear in the 70’s.

  2. deedeemallon Post author

    I thought the blue necessary along the side so that the house didn’t disappear, as you have said… windows have gotten more definition, but they are still ‘off kilter’…. not sure I could make them ‘true’ if I wanted (what does that say about me?!)


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