accepting today’s piecing

IMG_9202The cloth I pieced this morning makes me think the Road to Subtle is a long one for me. The pattern/color has a way of creeping in even when I intend otherwise. It looks paler without light shining from behind, but still….
IMG_9204I LIKE it and will enjoy continuing with it… but it’s funny how pale it started… how much I wanted to combine very subtle gradations of yellow, blue, green, and grey. Part of this not-so-subtle result might be a stash issue — as hard as it might be to believe that I don’t have enough fabric!!

The collage below ALSO departs from the original intention. I thought I might be on the road to creating a Tarot deck. Collected Fool and Joker images. Wanted to start with Zero and proceed through the Majors one by one. Flipped and fluttered through my papers.

What I got instead is a “Michelle Card”.  The trademarked SoulCollage process invites the maker to create archetypes, inner aspects of the self, and animal guides. But it ALSO suggests creating cards honoring people in one’s community.  Michelle in NYC has been looking out for a young pigeon this week (see her blog, Ms. Uncertainty Principles). Her actions and photos were the impetus behind this collage (not yet a card).
MichelleThe little open book in the corner is a reference to her being a writer.  That the marbled paper on the right looks like a series of hearts really pleased me, since her actions are so much from the heart. The veined lotus came from a Peabody Essex Museum brochure cover. Even IT seemed to reference Michelle and her Buddhist practice.  The map behind the dove is a ripped and re-arranged map of the Gulf, highlighting areas of concern after the Deep Well incident.

10 thoughts on “accepting today’s piecing

  1. Heather

    You never know what will happen when you start creating 🙂 It’s clear to me that the art has a mind of its own …

    I’ve long felt that gardening was co-creating with God, or a force of nature, and I’m quickly concluding that art is the same way. I find it lovely to be tapped in to something bigger than me in such an immediate way.

    I’m not a crossword person myself, but have you heard of Rupert Sheldrake’s crossword study?

    1. deedeemallon

      gardening – yes – requires letting things happen, even more than in the studio. Have not heard of the crossword study. Will look. I do several crosswords a day most days, though.

  2. Nancy

    I like what you’re stitching here, especially with the light shining through love how we all think of one another around here!

  3. Heather

    I tried to Google the study, but my first result mentioned the study but never explained it. Sheldrake attempts to apply scientific methods to things that are usually considered “unstudyable,” in this case the collective conscious. His study showed that the later in the day on Sunday people worked the London Times crossword, the faster they could solve it. He believes this is because the more the answers are out there, known, the easier it is to access them. So in a sense, everyone working the crossword is working it together …

  4. Peggy

    Hi Dee — well, maybe those are *your* colors! The cloth is gorgeous, actually reminds me of a tarot deck.

    And I just love that soul card — Michelle, yes. xoxo

  5. deedeemallon

    Heather found some references. Fascinating! I truly believe in this idea. Plus, with respect to crosswords, it is well known that if you work at it in the morning and come back in the evening answers that were not available suddenly are obvious — I think this is ALSO due to the individual’s unconscious mind working on it in the interim.

  6. deedeemallon

    what “my colors” are is changing… we all go through phases, don’t we? I at least want more space around the saturated colors that I love… it’s not that I want to leave them completely!

  7. davisguest

    I was touched by your “Michelle” card and the thoughtfulness and care that went into your selection of images. I see that you are also a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator! Thanks for this sharing, and I look forward to seeing your finished card, too. Your story and card would be a nice one to share with our larger community through the Facebook SoulCollage® page.


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