Heading north

Cold and raw here. Seems like spring has not made up its mind to arrive. Oddly, it is warmer in Montreal. We’ve been checking. Hope to cross the border well before dinner.
IMG_9186D. has an anatomy exam this morning and will sleep ’til the last possible moment.
IMG_9175IMG_9125I delivered the nursery school quilt yesterday.  The kids were making glop, but managed to gather round and have their various, individual responses without getting any on the quilt.  One boy wore the deepest frown possible. I loved him for it. The best part of the endeavor, of course, was spending time with the students.
IMG_9093I really only have a couple of little tricks about the project, but plan to do a (mostly pictorial) tutorial. Took the pictures, anyway. Above, it is not quite done.

The ligularia seems especially brave this year.
IMG_9187We are off to Montreal this morning — moving C. into a new apartment, then bringing him home.  The usual disclaimer: two (vicious to you, darling to us) German Shepherds will be here with Jerry.

A few of the star series pieces will come for the ride — perfect for lap quilting!

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  1. Nancy

    And here…it is HOT! In the 90’s all week. Love the Nursery School quilt. Why the frown on one young boy I wonder. It is a refreshing thought to get to be there (at the school) just for this project (at least to me). Have a great trip!


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