Time for details

faceNow it’s time for the nitty-gritty.

But first — more kickstarter gratitude. I continue to be bowled over by the immediate and overwhelming response of my readers and friends. Twenty-two of you have given me $850!!!

I almost wish there was a way to receive funds without seeing how much each donor is giving (it wouldn’t work) because EVERY gift meant the world to me — and, in fact, sometimes a ‘small’ gift from someone feels HUGE because I have a sense of financial struggle out there.  So, again — thanks!

Just booked a room in West Ashley. It’ll be my first airbnb experience.  I’m a little hesitant about staying in a room in someone’s house, particularly because I’m not that chatty a person (ha!)… and because who knows about people, right?

I picked a convenient, very reasonably priced place with almost 50 positive reviews.  But seriously?  It was the picture of this guy’s dog and his backyard that clinched it!  A sweet old hound and beautifully tended perennial beds — surely these indicators of character?

The folks at Sea Island Indigo are being super accommodating in terms of helping to coordinate rides out to Rebellion Farm, where two days of the event are being held. Given how many OTHER details they are managing right now, I especially appreciate this.  It looks like I will be able to get by with a couple of cab and bus rides and no car rental at all.

Oh, and did I tell you they will be feeding us like queens?!

Eagerly awaiting the supply list.

Soul Collage card, 2012 - "Dreamer"

Soul Collage card, 2012 – “Dreamer”

Going back to 2012 dye pictures, I found this Soul Collage card. Funny, that a card titled ‘Dreamer’ features blue hands, huh?

Oh, and I just noticed that the sleeper in the background may be covered by a pieced denim coverlet — that’s one of the great things about Soul Collage — the discovering of things later.

Off to the pages.  But not for long.  It is also a Farm Share pick up day. Possibly a post office day (chocolate to Boulder). Have to pick up a script. And, there’s a quick, near doctor appt. Not much time for writing today, in other words.  But thank goodness it is cooler.  Yesterday was a beast of a day.



11 thoughts on “Time for details

  1. saltwaterhillknits

    I’m just coming up for air and am thrilled to discover your latest adventure. Sounds absolutely exhilarating! Yay for you!
    Have you read The Invention of Wings? If not, you should — set in Charleston, involves slavery, quilts, abolitionists, and women’s suffrage. xo

  2. deemallon

    Thank you so much for your contribution, Mary Ann!!! I know what you mean about ‘coming up for air’ — hope the elder two are settled in?

    I have, of course, heard of the novel — it also employs a white historic figure as a character (one of the Grimke sisters). It is many decades later, and therefore, I’m assuming quite a different landscape. I definitely plan to read the book, but not until I am just a little more into this …

  3. peggyvonburg

    Dee! Congratulations on all of this, I just read your past few posts. I also JUST read a chapter about some current-day Gullah Elders (and their crops including indigo) on St. Helena Island in the book The Earth Knows My Name by Patricia Klindienst. What a coincidence to read your posts just as I finished reading a brief history of indigo on the island. Wow. Good for you and to you!
    It’s going to be wicked hot in those dorm rooms up in Boulder today! xoxoxo

    1. deemallon

      Thanks, Peggy… I love how many book recommendations are flowing through this process as well! The one you just read sounds terrific. Thanks for letting me know about it. One of the great things about the Sea Island Workshop is that they have arranged for some Gullah story telling and quilting.

      I think it is slightly cooler in Boulder today than it was here in Newton yesterday… but yeah, they have not AC.

  4. Heather

    Glad you’re so excited about your trip, the workshop, and everything! Just wanted to mention that I always stay in B&Bs, and love them! I think the energy is so much better than hotels–they always feel very ‘jangled’ to me, and I can hardly sleep. You always meet interesting people and have interesting encounters at B&Bs. I still think about some of them years later. Interested to hear how you like it …

  5. Mo Crow

    the most awful pictures of indigo production are of people waist deep in the vats with paddles oxygenating the mix… blood and indigo indeed… this will be a challenging book Dee!

    1. deemallon

      well, and apparently the stench of the plant material during the fermentation was so vile that the vats had to be built quite some distance from where white people lived.


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