Just Tuesday

An early run to Salem meant traffic around the Turnpike exit. The usual. It baffles me every time how the left hand passing lane slows down while the middle and far right lanes do not, even though the stream of cars merging onto the highway are coming from the right. Does anybody understand that?

After a good effort with clutter, my sister and I ate subs from the corner shop. This shadow of a notice in reverse on the bench where I sit to wait for the order caught my eye. Had I sat on it before? Right after I got back to Nor’s, a front moved in, pounding the sidewalk with rain and regaling us with thunder. I can’t tell you how grateful I was that only the heavens let loose this morning, leaving human drama for another day. There’s been a little too much human drama of late. Seriously too much.The rain stopped by the time I headed out.

Do you see Finn’s nose?

The rain we got over the weekend helped the garden start its June show. I wish I had a pile of mulch on the driveway more than I wish I had a decent haircut. Enough said. 
I am enjoying the freedom to stitch whatever I want. Perhaps a male warrior standing on a distant planet is an odd choice. He caught my eye years ago and was incorporated into one of the two Sketchbook Projects that I participated in (you can see the entire Sketchbook here). For some reason I keep going back to these images — maybe because they addressed transitions in the boys’ lives and the boys’ lives are in transition again.

This Sketchbook page came with the question: “What borders will you defend?” The figure came from an ad promoting the video game “Lost Planet”.

I’ve been alternating between pinning scraps to the board and then pinning the scraps to a base cloth for sewing. Having used this method before and been frustrated when it came time to trim away the base, I’m happy I remembered to leave the edges unstitched.

I love the sky and the snow and even the figure, but wish the figure was “mine”.  Such is the life of a magazine collagist.

4 thoughts on “Just Tuesday

  1. Anonymous

    Love the figure! He’s yours because you changed him, and made him out of cloth. These images get programmed in our heads, and next time he’s used, you won’t need a reference. All artists look at something for inspiration. We all redo all the time!

  2. deemallon

    I know where you are coming from and accept that all artists borrow, copy, re-invent, etc. But there are degrees of this, and for me, this fabric image of a very recognizable advertisement for a gaming figure very well known by a huge number of a certain ilk falls on the unsatisfactory side of the scale. It’s okay. And you’re right. Next version will be different.

    My son walked by the pin board one day and advised, “don’t forget his goggles”. He knew exactly who the guy was!


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