Hermine Wind


It’s a fluttering, gusty wind out there right now. Not remotely hurricane-like, but noticeable and vigorous. As the light faded, we ate lobster outside to celebrate C’s degree afterall. A really big blast of wind nearly launched the umbrella off the deck. Rain spattered a few times, but we are waiting, waiting, waiting for a drenching downpour. They said Saturday. They said Sunday. Here it is Labor Day and still no rain.

I’m not complaining. The Vineyard is largely without power. Parts of Nantucket and the South Shore, too. No, I’m just waiting for the rain.
The weekend is nearly over and I somehow feel that it will be hard to get oriented to the new week, the new month, the new season. I hope not. With both K and C traveling this month and my schedule with my sister in flux, the real ballast will be writing.
deemallon_selfWriting, writing, and more writing! And trying to stick to my weight loss or maintenance program. The honeymoon is definitely over.

3 thoughts on “Hermine Wind

  1. Nancy

    So, did the rain ever come? We could sure use some! I hope you do get lost in writing (should help with the weight loss too!). I usually find myself wasting time when I’m off a regular routine.
    Take care, Nancy

    1. deemallon

      It rained throughout the night. It’s raining lightly now. Not a downpour. Not drenching. Barely anything, really.


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