What a difference a year makes

With the start of school, the parade of kids with backpacks and parents with umbrellas began today (yes, we are getting some rain — not much, but a little).  Last year, Finn rocketed between windows offering up his noisy volley of barks. It was nerve wracking. I had to keep the curtains closed.

Today? One little growl. That was it!

And here are a few progress shots of a cloth totem I am calling “Woven Girl”.

Even with red and green in the crown it doesn’t show up very well. Deanna suggested silver beads. I may give that a go.

I was inspired by Jude’s critters. Needing a use for the many rectangles of woven strips I’ve made. And, I wanted to show myself how much easier it is to craft a figure in two, as opposed to three, dimensions.

But she feels a little anonymous to me. Without a season. Or a purpose. I could think of her as a sampler and be done with it. But maybe she just needs a better name?

2 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes

  1. ravenandsparrow

    Good job, Finn. And happy weaving Dee. Is that a chip on your girl’s shoulder? I am wrestling with a woven project too…like a wave cloth weaving makes a come-back.

    1. deemallon

      Ha ha a chip on her shoulder. It sure was intentional that little jutting out piece. Perhaps you’ve offered a clue to her inner state and hence her name?


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