How the roots spread out

Reading Jude’s blog earlier I was struck by how themes and images circulate, sometimes in nonlinear ways. Her post explores “home” and features a cloth house sprouting branches out its roof. (Spirit Cloth, sidebar)

This small vertical cloth is (6″ x 13″?) combines hand piecing and appliqué. I stitched the pink roots awhile ago but keep adding chips of cloth on top, hoping to find a house in the design. 

Last night, inspired by both Jude and Hazel (handstories on side bar), I sketched somewhat mindlessly. Drawing revealed the house. 

Part of me wants to widen the quilt to create room for the structure to expand. But no. This will be an exercise in containment. 

Also: an exploration of adaptability in tight circumstances or the mystery inherent in observing another’s home when most of it is out of view. I won’t strain to connect this small quilt to the devastating roll out of the new administration, but suffice it to say that notions of safe places are very much on our collective minds. 

4 thoughts on “How the roots spread out

  1. Mo Crow

    my heart is in deep pain for the country of my birth, I never felt like the USA was a welcome home for me but my family all live there…

    1. deemallon

      friends planning international travel are packing Hillary T-shirts… if we weren’t in such a state of emergency, we could lament the embarrassment of it all. Conflagration.

    1. deemallon

      yes, may we all survive the constraints, keep or find the solace of shelter, welcome others’ into our homes, and fight in whatever way makes sense for us for the sanctity of American democracy (not that it was perfect before, not that it’s EVER been perfect — just worth preserving in order to improve).


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