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How the roots spread out

Reading Jude’s blog earlier I was struck by how themes and images circulate, sometimes in nonlinear ways. Her post explores “home” and features a cloth house sprouting branches out its roof. (Spirit Cloth, sidebar)

This small vertical cloth is (6″ x 13″?) combines hand piecing and appliqué. I stitched the pink roots awhile ago but keep adding chips of cloth on top, hoping to find a house in the design. 

Last night, inspired by both Jude and Hazel (handstories on side bar), I sketched somewhat mindlessly. Drawing revealed the house. 

Part of me wants to widen the quilt to create room for the structure to expand. But no. This will be an exercise in containment. 

Also: an exploration of adaptability in tight circumstances or the mystery inherent in observing another’s home when most of it is out of view. I won’t strain to connect this small quilt to the devastating roll out of the new administration, but suffice it to say that notions of safe places are very much on our collective minds. 

A small boy crosses the parking lot

They say crows remember kindness. This morning, the woods are full of them. By that I mean three cross our path. No amount of animal intelligence will surprise me, ever, but I wonder: what does kindness to a crow look like? Not throwing stones at them? The path emerges onto the shady campus, some event about to happen. Urns line the edge of a folding table as if preparing for a drill. Ready! Aim! Pour!

A skinny boy crosses the parking lot, half in shadow. What is his errand? Later I will remember his tiny half-lit back, something cinematic and bird-like about him.

A man in a tie flings his briefcase into the front seat. Half a lot away, another man sits at the wheel and chortles into his phone.

Watch. Sit. Turn. Place! Watch… watch… By my side! (tap tap tap tap). By my side!  We see four other dogs and Finn does not bark at a single one of them. Not even the one that barked at him. You have no idea how major this is… how much progress it signals.

Husband home from China just now. You should have seen me frantically flipping through his itinerary after watching those explosions in Tianjin. Orange fireballs. He was somewhere else. But he HAS been there.

So many things to feel glad relief over!


home sweet home

home sweet home

After a touring colleges in two cities, flying through two additional cities because of missed connecting flights. After watching hour after mind-numbing hour of CNN. After learning that our bags were elsewhere. We were happy to drive home to Newton. Even if the shit was still hitting the fan one town over. Even if our town was under a ‘shelter-in-place’ order. Even if the house reeked of dog when we walked in. Even if the news continues to startle and shock. We are home.