Good news!


I got my NEW GLASSES! They were so INEXPENSIVE!  I got TWO PAIR!

YARD WASTE pick up resumed! I LOVE RAKING!

This potted beauty was $14.99! I should have gotten TWO!

I’M GATHERING info about impeachment for my group. I’M DOING something! Learning! Networking with OTHERS! Remembering the only thing I ever liked about the law (i.e. applying constitutional principles to right wrongs).

I LOVE TWITTER, because I find funny things, too!


MY NEW Endocrinologist IS A DOLL! He TOOK AN HOUR to explain things to me! It’s like the Universe SENT HIM A MEMO on how to perfectly offset the behavior of DR. ARTURO, of Boston– an unprofessional, condescending, cavalier prick who dwells in a grubby office and actually hung up on me a few weeks back. I GIGGLED ALL THE WAY HOME!

And get this, my new AMAZING doctor recommends using FOOD to feed the body calcium not supplements!  GREENs — I love them! Beans, yogurt – real FAVES of mine! BYE BYE ridiculously EXPENSIVE HORSE PILLS!!

Working on chapter summaries and it FEELS LIKE PROGRESS! Also, read part of  TERRIFIC ARTICLE ON CULTURAL APPROPRIATION (to be shared later — regarding the Emmett Till painting controversy). IT gets added to my ‘I HAVE PERMISSION TO WRITE A STORY SET IN SLAVE TIMES’ file (Yes, I have such a file). YEAH!!!

The BLM activist who wrote an article about how thoroughly and completely white people ruin the movement for racial equality IS OFFERING TRAININGS IN BOSTON NEXT WEEK! HER ARTICLE RUINED MY DAY. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HOW to say so without evoking #whitefragility and #itsnotaboutyou but I DARED TO anyway to a BLACK FB FRIEND. We’re still friends.

I’M GONNA GO! (Am I foolish to think it can’t be two hours of telling white people how much they suck?) I FEEL BRAVE! I FEEL GOOD ABOUT TAKING RISKS WHERE IT REALLY MATTERS!

Organizing on [Safety] Pins & Needles Level I & II @ 24 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA 02210-1211, United States, Boston [from 11 to 13 April]


Have a nice weekend everyone! And I won’t blame you if you decide to skip the “Bad News” post that’s already forming in my head.

13 thoughts on “Good news!

    1. deemallon

      OMG. I don’t usually get hung up on the weather. Love rainy days, etc but it really got to feel like a long dismal stretch, didn’t it?

  1. Michelle in NYC

    Many points made, several made many times, Lovely photos too Dee.
    Myself still nursing my wounded body bits am staying clear of the bad news.
    I read it and let go. The sun has returned and with it much needed light.

    1. deemallon

      Michelle the package I boxed up for u is still in my car. Weather so shitty the day I planned to mail it and nowhere to park. I’ll ship it today!

  2. Mo Crow

    love the subtle old fashioned colours of Hydrangeas, they are such tough plants!
    had to look up what an endocrinologist is, good that you found a sympathetic one to work with
    we all need to find a way to actively participate in the resistance to the draconian corporate takeover of what we assumed to be the free world…
    look forward to reading your book!

  3. snicklefritzin43

    Dee….Thank you for the many concepts getting some sunlight in your post today. May the training bring positive energy and movement in finding ways to be strong, supportive, energizing folks in these times of much confusion and misdirection (imho). Photos terrific..hydrangeas are so challenged here in my yard though I try again and again to believe growers that this or that variety will make it through one of our winters.
    Spring is trying her darnedest to get here..lilac, currant and cherry buds are beginning to leaf out…iris pushing up their leaves..fall planted garlic up now about 7 inches and hurray – three kale plants hid beneath those icy, snowy blankets and made a lovely salad last night.
    Your book is definitely on my want to read list…thanks for your blog! Always read, though I do not often write…working on showing up in the studio every day and walking away from the keyboard…sketching and stitching are bringing rewards of peaceful energies in my life.
    Namaste my friend,

    1. deemallon

      Thanks for your note, Kristin. I hope you had a good weekend. It sounds like your spring is a few weeks ahead of ours, which surprises me. Our spring bulbs are just nudging their green spades above ground. No sign of iris or tree budding yet. But my purple/green clump of Virginia bluebells is showing itself! Three days of sun has been good for the spirits here in New England.

  4. SchuessBNA

    Dee, Oh, I love the new glasses! (I was probably supposed to say something about spring, and light, and the softening weather, but I REALLY LIKE THOSE FRAMES!)
    xoxoxo, Maryanne

  5. saskia

    great glasses and Power to you Woman! for standing upright on soooo many levels

    have personally joined the Union for reasons i cannot yet discuss in public, i doubt ‘they’ will find me here in your comment box, we stand united

    1. deemallon

      tell me what you mean? off line if need be… is it a resistance group? the Dutch have such a long and fierce history in this regard….


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