Pull up the storms!

The windows are open. The temperatures rise. I rake the ground with bare fingers, gloved hands, and big or small rakes, depending. Everywhere, flora pokes up.

Here’s a good question: to whom are you accountable?

To children, husband: yes. To creative source and self (overlapping, but not the same): yes. To my dog: yes. To God: no (even on a believing day, my god isn’t hands on enough to be keeping score). To my moral conscience: yes.

To my sister? Not absolutely. Not what I owe both of my boys or what I’d owe my parents were they still around. And, I am not accountable to my parents on behalf of my sister, especially since some of her problems are their fault. Today I separate what I might owe her as my sister and what she thinks I owe her.


If one form of accountability cancels out another, I must resolve in favor of self. Period. Period. You have no idea how difficult this is. I am not seeking advice or sympathy but hoping to strengthen resolve by marking a change of direction.


6 thoughts on “Pull up the storms!

  1. Liz A

    Storm windows? Oh yeah, I remember now (ha!) The equivalent down here is light-blocking screens which reduce the solar gain in the summer. Weather will always get you one way or the other (speaking of which, we got 2″ of rain in 2 hours today).

    And yes, I can relate to writing something publicly in order to strengthen my resolve. I hope you continue to head in the direction that brings you peace of mind and heart.

    1. deemallon

      two inches in two hours must be problematic! Opening storms is generally to be celebrated (even if they’re old and warped and refuse to budge) because it means that fresh air is about to fill the house!

  2. Nancy

    Mmm…storm windows, only had ’em once…a ratty mobile home in No Nevada. Long story πŸ˜‰
    As far as decisions and self, take good care of yourself.


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