Wildlife in the burbs

Yesterday, Finn and I saw a coyote down by the fire station. He blended beautifully with the landscape such that you can barely see him in the photo (look to the left). Though I’ve heard of many sightings over the years, this was my first.

Finn got very alert. Very still.

These turkeys were on Cypress Street today — a more common sight (along with red tailed hawks). I love how their prehistoric manner offsets all our signposts of civilization. Curbs and cars, fences and houses — and a posse of turkeys! They are not impressed.

Yesterday, the living room was flooded with light and I took a ridiculous number of pictures of this pennant. Today, I filled out the customs form at the post office, all the while wondering how Mo’s last name actually sounds. Off it went — almost a year to the day before the deadline. That must be some kind of personal best.

(My husband has a consonant-rich name so you’d think I’d be better at Mo’s name. But I’m not.)

The FCC did the wrong thing today (by overturning regulations put in place to preserve net neutrality). I don’t think this fight is over.

Did I really hear that the FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai said something along the lines of ‘nobody’s watching’ from a live stream of the proceeding? With comments piling up so fast, I could barely read them? With streams of angry face emoji’s so thick, I could barely make out the scene behind them?

At least this deeply upsetting decision did not come on the heels of a whack job with criminal tendencies being elected to the US Senate. I’d been dreading Alabama’s election (who hadn’t been?) — even though I had a feeling in my body that Jones was gonna win.

Official pennant post next.

9 thoughts on “Wildlife in the burbs

  1. Mo Crow

    (((Dee))) wow! your pennant is made with powerful magic, look forward to holding it in real life very soon! re how to pronounce my last name, phonetically it’s Orkischevski, took me all of first grade to learn how to spell it without copying! good to see there is a lot of fight back happening for net neutrality & re coyotes in the city, I remember reading about a coyote in Central Park in New York City awhile back & wondering how he got there!

    1. deemallon

      I don’t know how long it’ll take to get to you. Two weeks, maybe? It was engaging and healing to put together, stitch, and finish. Can’t wait to see how you pull it all together.

  2. Marti

    How amazing to me, who lives in the high desert of New Mexico and is nightly serenaded by coyotes, that I have never seen one and you who live in the burbs, have !.

    .I have to say Dee that seeing your completed pennant is such a tonic to my soul this evening for it has been one of those over the top sensory overload days. Had several errands to do today and everywhere I went, glitz, glitter, gaudy baubles, fake trees and then coming home to huge inflatable Santas, trains, elves, Snowmen and a visual cacophony of “wintry” scenes flashed on garage doors in my neighborhood—oh for the simple beauty of handmade, of real pine cones, balsam wreaths, of tiny real Winter Solstice trees…then I come to this place, your blog and there, shining and hanging is your pennant, as I’ve mentioned before, in all of it’s raw and sophisticated glory; your pennant of hope and peace and I lose myself in the stitching, in the color that reminds me of an antique treasure map. As I look, I find that I am enveloped in your translated dream of a world with peace, love and hope and I feel the uplift of the treasure that is this simply beautiful and quietly moving pennant. On this cold December day, I thank you…

    1. deemallon

      I just deleted my response. Oops! I know what you mean about trash Christmas. I seek it out in small doses (buying cheap lights at the Christmas Tree Shop, for instance), but too much is, well, too much. Thank you for your heart felt words. And for the really great framing : “raw and sophisticated”. I can own that.

  3. ravenandsparrow

    Something about the color of the coyote and the color of your pennant clicked for me, although I’m not sure what I want to say about them…..maybe that coyotes are masters of adaptation to place and environment. The pennant also evokes place and adaptation as the silk and the stitching move over the satin, like a map of the fluidity of experience. I’m looking forward to more from you about this work. I especially like your face in the mirror behind the pennant. Perfect.

    1. deemallon

      The color correlation is really there isn’t it? I hadn’t seen it before. I’m not sure I have that much to say about the pennant but I’m sure that won’t stop me!

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