Sunday pix and ashes

We picked up my sister’s ashes today. I was surprised at how heavy they were. They’re in a plain box for now, under a glass star and a collection of her crystals.

After three consecutive days at the apartment and an afternoon at the shelter to surrender Noreen’s cat, tomorrow will be a day for other things.

I’m reading the newest James Lee Burke, an author my sister turned me onto, so in a minor way it feels like connection.

At her apartment, I keep finding little papers here and there that seem to be messages.

The dolphin card found under her tools and a decades-old teaching notebook found open to words she might’ve said to me last month, “Take note of your judgmental qualities — please assess and evaluate.”

If you don’t hear from me for a while, it may be because my blog has used up its allotted space, whatever that means.

10 thoughts on “Sunday pix and ashes

  1. Tina

    There is just no easy way around any of this .. every step is a mix of emotions that toss feelings around like clothes in a dryer. Your feelings put into words being shared are nothing short of amazing. Sending mindful Blessings.

  2. Nancy

    Glad you’ve accomplished so much already with this task filled with emotions. I think Michelle got the space used up message before. I also have no idea what it means…nor do I understand what all I’ve had going in goggle plus (which seems to be going away) and I’m lost as to what is happening with blogger too! lol Will I even have a blog soon? If you do indeed have time away, enjoy!

    1. deemallon

      Thank you for that, Michelle. I watched it in its entirety first thing this morning. I was surprised by her emphasis early in the interview on the importance of storytelling.


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