Count me please

Off I go. To one of 325 protests. Read a great Rebecca Solnit article this week entitled, “When the Hero is the Problem.” She says, “Our largest problems won’t be solved by heroes. They’ll be solved, if they are, by movements, coalitions, civil society.

Apt words after all this waiting for the sainted Mueller. There are no heroes. There is only us.

It was windy. A little cold. The coordinator read Adam Schiff’s remarks from last week and we all chanted “it’s not okay,” like a Greek chorus.

6 thoughts on “Count me please

  1. RainSluice

    My goodness! I just got home from the Trenton, NJ protest, chanting “WE DON’T THINK ITS OK”. Not many people 🙁 Plus! I printed out this Rebecca Solnit article last night and read about 1/8 of it. I hope to finish it tonight – its long! I am enjoying the truth of all she has to say.

  2. Mo Crow

    Rebecca Solnit is doing so much, we all have to make a stand to subvert the dominant paradigm of corporate greed to one of caring for our beautiful broken world, ecocide is a crime and the sooner we can implement the process of law the better.

  3. Michelle Slater

    Sollnit was right on (she always is). posted her at FB and oh, it’s SO UGLY in the current clime, and astounding it’s gone on for two years….and it
    s global.
    Stop, sign and keep on keeping on.


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