Rolling into June

Just posted this in my Etsy shop (sidebar link). Even though I pieced it before I even knew I was headed to Italy, it has an Assisi feel to it.

Enjoy a few more pix from my April trip. I’m off to edit my little tail off.

PS With the sun out and temps approaching 70, there’s a festive mood among neighbors. “Enjoy the day!” says one. “No parka today!” I say to another. “Oh at last!” I hear up the street.

7 thoughts on “Rolling into June

  1. Ginny

    I’ve secured my spot this fall. Hooray. One week in Arte Studio Ginestrelle and one week in the Writers Residency apartment. Can’t wait!!

    If you know of anyone interested in applying for the residency give them my email. Happy to make the introductions. πŸ™‚


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