Bibs and babs

K will be home tonight after ten days away. Ten days is a lot longer than six. I lost interest in food during this absence, which I can’t explain. Seems all I want to eat is an eight year old’s diet: yogurt, blueberries, pancakes, and cereal. I made granola. Finn got the rib eye.

When we returned from Denver all the boxes of my sister’s stuff felt oppressive — even the ones in the garage.

I emptied two more. To preserve the glorious and moving variety of my sister’s clip file, I’ve started on album on Flickr.

Writing stalls and twists in on itself. To “get to yes,” I have to reduce a task to its smallest component. Not “open laptop and log in” small — but almost.

Dog walks provide ballast. The flag iris, so regal last week, start to fade and wither while the Japanese iris rise up in tight buds or open flowers of the deepest purple. It’s a pretty time of year.

The way certain things back up while K is away can be managed –right? — the critical appointments, the hopes for a beach house rental in August. Assertive is what I’ll be. Instead of bitchy.

Meanwhile Father’s Day approaches. I know what I WON’T be buying. Check out the price on these swim trunks. I was blowing through Bloomingdale’s yesterday and this little ticket blew my fucking mind.

One of the neighborhood library kiosks had a book he’d enjoy. I took it. That will prompt me to deliver a handful of books in return. A win/win. No money exchanged.

Last thought: I now know that whenever trump travels, my mood takes a big hit. For that reason (and because Mo hadn’t heard of Randy Rainbow), I’ll leave you with this. Can’t wait to see what he does with London.

12 thoughts on “Bibs and babs

  1. ravenandsparrow

    K really travels extensively, doesn’t he? I always feel a bit disconnected when Mike and I are apart. I also find that the day’s news affect my moods. Trump abroad is just plain embarrassing. I loved the sign in the London protest march: Coup d’twat.

    1. deemallon

      Oh that sign is perfect. Missed it so thanks for sharing. The protests have, of course, been the one uplifting thing… the projection of Boris Johnson was super good. Sure hope someone told trump about it.

      K is gone typically one week a month though sometimes there are consecutive months with no travel (and some with two trips a month). And then, though he is sturdy, there’s the jet lag too. Typically — a nap with The New Yorker open in his lap, followed by a general lack of desire to do anything much.

  2. fiberels

    Love your “diet” and now know Randy Rainbow too (thanks Dee 😉 )
    Swim trunks ??????? there’s GOLD inside ?
    (Adam’s costume would be cheaper (and more fun) !)

  3. Michelle Slater

    RANDY IS A GENIUS and I just got way cheered up. That first shot is glorious….Great idea to put the clips in an album BUT, isn’t kindle about to fold? Where did I hear that? Don’t recall. Your current food preference makes perfect sense to me. It’s mine most of the time. I think I’m falling off meat…Chips and dips are also a favorite…whatever will be will be, I say.

    1. deemallon

      You made me go look Flickr up and DAMN! I hadn’t heard what they’re doing to free accounts (limiting them to 1000 images and deleting pix til they get to 1,000!) because I have a pro account. I assume it’s only a matter of time before the new owners start gouging the pro users too. Plus! That means when I stop paying they’ll delete pix til it’s 1,000?!

    1. deemallon

      It is terrifically hard and I mostly avoid, too! But these are scathing beautifully produced mini musicals soo make an exception.


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