Rain will turn to snow

And that’s how it’s been going.

Two weeks ago, I upgraded my phone. It had been years. It wasn’t holding a charge anymore and I got sick of walking around in the red zone all the time. Wasn’t gonna spring for another battery.

Meanwhile, the computer that has recorded our tv programs for two decades crapped out. Gonzo. It’s the only way I can see cable, whether recording it or not. Therefore, there was no Maddow or Nicolle Wallace on this historic day.

I watched a four minute clip of Nadler announcing the two articles of impeachment while sitting in the car, in the rain, before going into the office building perched on the Wellesley side of the Charles River where I get my eyes checked. New glasses are in order.

After dinner, K announced that the Christmas tree light cord overheated and needs replacing.

I’m sensing a theme here.

At least the mice are getting dressed for the holidays! Two are chatting away in the dark of a postal box right now, making their way down the coast of the Atlantic.

11 thoughts on “Rain will turn to snow

  1. Liz A

    Ugh … I feel your pain. We had to buy new appliances and electronics … and the internet/TV bill went up significantly (even though we have the “cheap” ten channels only option) …trouble always comes in threes

    Fortunately, your mice come in threes, too … I especially like the little lady with the ticking apron hugging the scallop shell to her heart … she looks ever-so pleased with herself

    I doubly appreciate my little mouse after reading your tutorial the other day … thank you again for the ongoing pleasure of her company

    1. deemallon

      I have been spoiled for so long. Recording to shows. Never watching a single ad. Watching Colbert at lunch, etc. We didn’t get cable until it almost wasn’t necessary anymore. But I wanted to watched the conventions in 2016. Hope your happy with your new appliances!

  2. Ginny

    There is a retrograde happening here too. I’m hoping it passes soon. Very annoying.

    On the upside Dee you look like a kid in that pic with Flynn and the mice are to die for!! What fashion and flare! Love them!!

  3. ravenandsparrow

    Yes, I love the picture of you and Finn. Not chicken neck….spring chicken! Your mousies have such personality I’m sure they will enliven their new home. Maybe being cut off from cable will have a silver lining. Tune into your own life and let the madness rage without you for a little while.

    1. deemallon

      Well it’s true that I’ve found myself at some new limit with all the gaslighting. It is really hard to watch. I’m not one of these people who checks in on Fox to see how they’re spinning things. Twitter and other news sources tell me of that point of view but boy is it different to HEAR it and see the theatrics.

      1. ravenandsparrow

        I, also, am finding it profoundly discouraging. I am trying to follow my advice to you and cease the constant immersion in what strikes fear and grief into my heart. Christmas music…that’s what I need.

        1. deemallon

          I’ve now found out how to live stream the hearings on my phone so even now I have to exercise restraint. Gregorian chants are cued up! Good idea!

  4. nancy

    Yep. I had my freezer and TV both explode in a big Bang! within weeks of each other once! Things can be like that.


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