Last days of collage month

Prompt #26

Consider aspects of working style you’ve grown to admire about each of your virtual collage table-mates

See what you can come up with that pays tribute/serves as an active homage to as many admired aspects as you can manage.

This is a nod to Grace, bringing in her themes

in particular, her consistent awareness of the sanctity of all life (trees, trees, trees, flowers, children, our ape cousins) and her awareness of the CRISIS part of “climate crisis” (changing Arctic landscape, upper left)

and her method of ripped edges too. I like how they add a sense of urgency.

The wonderful themes and methods of other participants have not gone unnoticed and I look forward to trying out new things later this year.

Acey and her organic layering of paper and meaning, using time as an element in composition, too, by walking away and coming back. Also, she makes her subjects from marked papers and doesn’t rely wholesale (as I do) on pre-existing images. I want to try that.

Joanne inspires me with her courageous mark-making, on top of already stellar compositions, no less! I’ve gotten out my oil pastels and ordered some gouache paints.

PS Joanne knows this but others don’t. I try to leave a comment on her blog roughly three times a week and they never “take.” So we email and it ends up being private.

Liz’s inclusion of words and personal ephemera is going to have me rethinking what papers I collect. Also maybe using the light box for pix, something I have yet to do.

Prompt 25: The desert coast landscape and the kite-children on the beach have been on the table since day one. I’ve picked both up many times and for whatever reason, rejected them. So here they are.

Prompt #25 (the just-because prompt)

Select a few pieces that keep catching your eye.  

bonus points if you choose some things you’ve been mentally pairing off and on throughout the challenge but they’ve had no direct or even tangential relationship to the prompt of the day. make THAT collage.


Acey’s Collage Month.

See also my Flickr album, SoulCollage, and the tags for SoulCollage and collage here on the blog.

15 thoughts on “Last days of collage month

    1. deemallon

      Really? I keep hitting walls with technology. Like my blog now seems to be turning off comments without my asking it to. So I have to take the goddamned time to see how to make the default position “comments on”.

    2. Liz A

      that was one of the reasons I left Blogger (with thanks to you for coaching me) … so many couldn’t comment and then I, too, could not … ridiculous! I do think it had something to do with IOS (Apple products) as I can’t leave comments on anyone’s Blogger blogs from my iPhone … Joanne might try commenting from a PC laptop

  1. grace

    thank you, dee for your words. It’s been great learning in your company.
    and isn’t it funny, it’s letting me comment now…!?

    1. deemallon

      Right back at ya. Comments are on but only because I went to the dashboard and drilled down to find the teeny box to check off.

  2. Acey

    These are awesome responses to the posts. Although I love the ones people are making showing a representation of how they’ve received the gist everybody’s work so much that I’ve spent part of recuperation day #1 poking around for ways to emulate it myself — I had originally presumed people would enjoy trying on one specific person’s creative clothes just to see how they fit. LOVE how you interpreted Grace. Just as I totally adore how Joanne interpreted you. Had originally planned to hone in on Joanne’s one-two knock out punch composition skilz and take no prisoners messaging.

    Now, that’ll move to the top of my ‘sometime in later winter’ list. Eventually I want to wear everybody’s clothes. But was glad to have my personal vision opened enough to do a tribute to each participant at once as that what speaks strongest to the leadership role. In that regard I feel remiss not to have actually visualized the prompt that way. Looking forward to feeling strung together/healed enough to actually put it together tomorrow and on Thursday getting us all closer to the impending closure line!

    1. deemallon

      Thanks Acey. I hope you’re feeling better. The pause, as it turned out, worked well for me because we went to upstate New York this weekend and I missed a couple days. I’m not sure I’ve done every prompt, to be honest. But I’ve made a lot of collages along the way that were NOT part of a prompt response.

      Not sure I understand what you feel remiss about?

  3. Liz A

    I’ve always admired your collages … and honestly thought “I can’t” … well of course I can’t, I’m not you! But this past month has given me both a fuller appreciation for the collages you do and for the potential I have to develop my own way of going … what a gift!

    1. deemallon

      I’m flattered — thank you — and surprised by your doubt. Glad the month’s been such a gift. It has been for me, too. Paper work’s a wonderful companion to cloth work.

  4. nancy

    I have so enjoyed seeing the collages you’ve shared this month. The interesting bits of paper you have to work with seems endless! You have such a way with color, placement and meaning. xo

  5. Saskia van Herwaarden

    I too have enjoyed watching all that happened collage-wise, and am mightily impressed that you kept at it, each and every day! great fun seeing how you and others did their own thing (of course) and how there was a sense of coming together, yet another circle – even if I did not participate, it did prompt me to attempt a booklet (post coming up soonish)
    loved your results and your accompanying descriptions were highly insightful


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