Tribute to Gaia

One of the final prompts for collage month.* Oldie on the left, used elsewhere with Dervishes, and used again as a frame for today’s tribute to Mother Earth on the right.

The other side of this primate pair was too darling not to capture, at least digitally.

Where did such design come from? Such coordinations of cells within the river of time? The elegance of math, the variety of flora… our capacity (thus far) to survive.

Meanwhile I ran out of thread for the crib quilt commission and am glad for the intermission because my hands are not as strong as they used to be. Even using gripper gloves, stippling is a strain.

We are anticipating the GOP’s failure to hold this president accountable, aren’t we? It feels like bracing for a really bad storm. Even though it’s hard to imagine how much more above the law one man can feel, it’s predictable that he will be even more emboldened.

The tweets that are saying, “enjoy the last 36 hours of democracy,” have a ring of truth to them.

And besides his dictatorial tendencies, there is his well-documented dementia. How long do they think we won’t notice? I’m expecting at least one grimace, one jerking motion, and one misfired attempt to say an ordinary word at the SOTU.

What are you expecting?

It’d be nice if the Dems simply didn’t show.


If this is the beginning of a Saturn Pluto transit over the Capricorn corner of my Grand Cross, I’m seriously gonna have to hunker down.


Acey’s Collage Month.

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19 thoughts on “Tribute to Gaia

  1. Acey

    I wish nobody, on any level, showed up for it. Including press. NO media that’s actual news.
    I wish people everywhere made a pact to stop paying attention to him. to stop talking about him, thinking about him on and on and on and on.

    it’s a narcissist’s best fantasy come to life. I resent the fuck out of giving it to him by default – as a sidebar to keeping track at even a broadstrokes level. Otherwise I read news about topics of interest to me beyond The Occupant. I cannot give him the everything he demands.

    Was focused on deciphering the color coded … code when you made it clear this was beyond your doing. I have not yet looked at how the Pluto-Saturn situation affects me personally but it sounds to me like you should hunker down on general principle. I “only” have Cappy as a mid-heaven but pluto is busting down doors and to hell with taking names. if it doesn’t work or isn’t what it claims to be it is GONE before I’ve even realized I’m surrounded by settling dust.

    apparently i had thoughts and opinions. laughing. So glad you asked!

    Love the beautiful simian siblings you’ve saved digitally. Love how you re-purposed the background and also the continuation from yesterday’s Simian theme. And your happy yellow pincushion. Love that a whole lot!

      1. Acey

        thanks so much for this! I’ve been starving for something new and inspiring in the astrological sense. This lady is perfect. although I’m a sun-signed cancer I was born with a leo moon and am just finishing up my time of sun-progression in that sign. jfc – the retro merc is going to be in PISCES???

        1. deemallon

          I just learned about her from a friend. Fellow feb bday although she’s a Pisces. That full moon falls on my bday.

      1. Michelle Slater

        We sure are living in precarious and demanding times dear friend. I watched and listened to Pam Gregory for the first time and with much pleasure. I now subscribe to her channel thanks ti you. i”’ think of you at the Full moon of February while I revel in a deeply enlightened poetry event at my Zendo here in Manhattan-FYI…

  2. Liz A

    I, too, thought there was some message in the font madness … but no, the ether is roiling with the bad vibes coming out of DC … I’m sick to death of it all

    Took the NYT “who’s your Dem” quiz … a true WTF experience … the grey lady has lost her mind

    The Who is echoing in my head … Won’t get fooled again … “here’s to the new boss, same as the old boss” … we are so screwed

    Okay, deep breath … going back to look … and yes, your figures in portals … your pincushion … your reflection … another deep breath … we will do what we can

        1. deemallon

          I’ve never heard that reference before! Do you think the Times will ever stop interviewing Middle Aged white men in Ohio and making ridiculous conclusions based on those interviews?

  3. nancy

    I’ll be back this weekend, so much here. Migraine and off to work, but geez that pin cushion really caught my eye and heart!

  4. nancy

    I so agree with Acey…let’s not feed the tiger or what if they gave a war and nobody came or as my mama used to say about my dad and his silly humor “don’t encourage him” because this is so Not funny! I too was confused by the font colors, but that is okay, it is good to challenge the brain at times! We’ve had some strange goings on in the house, so let’s throw that into the mix 🙂


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