Pressure production

New collage made on Day 63.

Finn barks at compost pick up truck. K talks about pressure consumption. “I took the 5.6 and divided it by… ” And then pressure production. “The factor goes down, not that it goes up.”

Dog needs a walk. I need a walk.

Busy day yesterday and week feels cluttered going forward. How is this even happening?

Collage made today, below. The word I pulled out of the thesaurus as I started was “tabulate.” As in tabulate the damage done.

Brain damage. Chalk board counting quarantine days. Exotic luxury cupboard cut in half, never to go back together again. A clothes line reminiscent of domestic life during the Great Depression.

Seeds keep arriving in the mail! We have two quotes now for the backyard patio project. Some things continue apace.

I am finishing this garment tomorrow! Next up: something without pleats or plackets! Pieced a strip from mask scraps to use for collar and front edging. I like the idea but it may not follow the curves of the robe properly.

I raised the blue skirt an inch and a half and the proportions are much improved.

8 thoughts on “Pressure production

  1. Joanne

    Today has felt very strange. Things that 8 weeks ago were normal- now- when they reappear- strange. I wonder what our daily collages would have looked like in the past four weeks? If we were doing that challenge now? No soup today- Brown rice vegetable sushi. From the Japanese counter at the local Hannaford. And the deli had re-opened.

    1. deemallon

      I thought about what you ask here. If we were to do a thirty day collage challenge now it would be so very very different. I still haven’t been to grocery store. Not since March 11. I am starting to find these deliveries tiresome.

  2. Mo Crow

    the best fiction for me makes the strangeness totally believable, “In Magic Realism as both literature and visual art the necessity of fantasy is intertwined with the inescapable condition of the real.” from an interview by Diane Thodos with Audrey Niffenegger for back in May 2004

    1. deemallon

      I’m not usually a fan of magic realism but the recent reading of Alice Hoffman’s, The World That We Knew, was pure pleasure. Will look up interview tomorrow.


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