Dream of care

I dreamt I was handmaiden to trump and tending to him during his bathing ritual. After his shower, I asked if he had enough towels.

What’s THAT about?

Feelings of compassion for the most contemptible and dangerous man on the planet? Feelings nowhere in evidence in the conscious mind. In fact, I am of that group of people who is astonished by how deeply I loathe the man (along with Barr and McConnell).

While frying up tofu for breakfast, I shuddered at the image of him coming out of the shower. Can you imagine? Even just from the neck up would be a horror show.

Meanwhile school is starting in one way or another.

I was heartened by two things during our evening stroll through the school yard and the upper field. One — we saw bats! Lots and lots of bats! I can’t remember the last time I laid eyes on a bat!

And two, some kind and generous souls planted up the raised beds next to the playground. Instead of rectangles of dirt, the kids come back to a lively tangle of green vegetation: tomatoes, kale, cabbage and more.

Lastly, as I noted over on Instagram, K and I were struck by how decrepit the tool shed we had installed years back looked. Time has slipped past while we were looking elsewhere.

24 thoughts on “Dream of care

  1. Joanne

    Before Halloween- add eyes and details on the “nose” and a mouth for the shed. It has the “bones” of a face.

  2. Jen NyBlom

    And OKRA!!! Someone planted okra! 😀 and Eeeeewwwwww, what a terrible nightmare you had!! ugh! ugh!!

  3. Nancy

    Dee~ Oy! That dream! Disgusting, yet gave me a faint chuckle. The things we dream! I dreamt that I was told I had lymphoma. My only response was, see I knew my mom and I were so alike (she passed from lymphoma). So what was THAT about? I could care less about being sick, if it brings me closer to my mom?! lol
    Love that someone gave the kiddos some green hope to return to. What a thought as I listen to today’s blow up on CNN! I can only hope that we can hang onto some humanity as we try to get through the next days, til NOV 3rd. What we keep wondering is WHY DIDN’T SO&SO (TODAY IT IS WOODWORD) SAY SOMETHING SOONER???? I mean, he had tapes! Is it all about making money from their book? Thousands of people have died….okay I”ll be quiet about this.

    Love the Halloween Face idea, to be able to cheer up the neighborhood children, priceless 🙂

    1. deemallon

      I’m in a fury about Woodward. Yet another writer/journalist putting profits over the good of the country.

      Interesting dream about cancer. You HAVE been thinking a lot about your mom and celebrating her. Do you own some of her strengths as your own, I wonder.

      1. Nancy

        That is just what J and I have been saying!!! Grrr…ROAR! Yes! Cohen, Woodward everyone in office now or past & KNEW, they KNEW and said nuttin’!! So many put disbelief and protocol over the well-being of our country and all who live here. I’m just going nuts with the loss of life that need not have happened. Ugh.

        As far as my mom, yes, sure – my opinion….she taught me how to share, how to turn a phrase in writing or in rewriting song lyrics…lots of things about books and mothering and being a friend. All of which I see as positive.

        1. deemallon

          The news so damning and yet we all ask, will it make any difference?

          Those were the strengths I was thinking of.

  4. Tina

    Horrible nightmare … perhaps tonight put a bit of garlic under your pillow. Just read that Grace had to evacuate which is a for real nightmare.. I do so worry about her.

  5. Acey

    I can relate, sorta. About six months after ‘mission accomplished’ I had a dream I was making out with g.w. in the oval office in his chair behind the resolute desk. I still can’t look at that desk ‘square in the eye’. I don’t know what I was telling myself and can’t get as far into the interpretation as you did.

    (p.s. you forgot to mention Kushner again but that’s okay I gotcha covered there and also Steve freakin’ Bannon always seeming to show up to blow hot divisive air in the eleventh hour. god I loathe him…)

    1. deemallon

      Oh god. Kushner. Truly despicable. Bannon? Like a troll. A fairy tale troll that eats people crossing the bridge. Not an internet troll.

      A presidential make out dream? Now that’s fun!

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t dream, I just ruminate and silently rage through tears during disappointing days. Maybe today (wednesday) was a jinx day with waves of disgust wafting about hitting at random. Hideous dream, but your handmaiden surely must have had a hidden plan. Sad sad and sadder. So nice that schoolyard garden welcome, but I wouldn’t be sending a kid of mine back to school (I have none). I think the push to reopen is a mistake, though I understand the need, we might just have prolonged the pain.

    1. deemallon

      The dream stands on its own legs and resists my interpretations. There was something incredibly simple and relieving about feeling pity for a vile old man.

      School opening? I just can’t believe it. Glad mine are grown. This would’ve been so incredibly difficult to manage.

  7. Saskia van Herwaarden

    that was not a dream, it was a nightmare….brrrr trying not to imagine him now
    I must say those plant images and the one with the shed are rather beautiful; ha we have bats living in with us, they were here before we moved in, tiny mosquito catchers, I love them


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