Wednesday with time

Stitching and watching TV. Perfect after a poor night’s sleep. Manuscript sent back to editor, making for a pause. No calls. No deadlines. My kind of day.

Here’s a funny fact: during first hospital visit, my brother’s partner revealed that he watches Hallmark movies. How strange! Billy? Really? (Did I already share this?) My husband now smugly proclaims that the Mallons have a Hallmark Schmaltz gene. I can’t explain it any other way.

Here’s something else: the gofundme fundraiser put up by a friend of my brother’s (to pay for medical transport, an in-home elevator, specialized equipment, etc.) topped $150,000 in three short days — almost all donations in the $100 range. Just amazing love and support. It’s been so touching to read people’s comments about “Dr. Billy” — his memorable witticisms, his teaching and generosity, his larger than life character.

I almost went to freakout-mode this morning when I pulled two of the darkest cards in my SoulCollage deck out about the election. The one on the left was made in response to the 2016 election. The one on the right was meant to express something about toxic masculinity.

Then I listened to Pam Gregory talk about the Full Moon on Halloween, as well as some heavy aspects with both Uranus and Pluto. Think: upheaval, social unrest, chaos, the tearing down of structures. Continuing through the 14th. Ugh.

But Gregory emphasized the importance of choosing to watch the play about light while rejecting its violent, dark cousin. She said we can become addicted either to fear and tumult or to joy and compassion.

I choose joy.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday with time

  1. Acey

    PG also hooked it up with neuropeptides – the steady died of whatever type we choose to feed ourselves having a literal equivalent within our bodies. Have listened to that particular offering of hers three times now in an effort to build some new way of keeping my head on straight.

  2. Liz A

    it actually got cold(ish) here in Texas … so I let the sun shine in on my stitch chair rather than close the blinds … soaking it up

    love the rainbow coming to visit … and news of the fundraiser for your brother … hope, always I look for signs of hope

  3. RainSluice

    Joy! and not the Hallmark type for me! Very funny about your brother’s penchant for Hallmark movies – somehow my imagination goes to what I always thought as his dark humor responding to each schmaltzy shot. Then, think of the life of an LA trauma ER doc and surely they need the very opposite experience when they get home from work and turn on the tv-tube. Quite hilarious what K said about the Hallmark Schmaltz Gene. Cheers for the gofundme – I guess I didn’t sign up to follow what’s going on. Happy Halloween!!

    1. deemallon

      Hi Maggie. The need to counter the gore of the ER might explain Billy’s penchant for schmaltz. But mine?!


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