Where you find strength

Today I find strength in others’ words and posts. From Mo’s exaltations of Pinkola Estes to Liz’s resolve to find beauty wherever she is to an NPR radio interview with Kimberle Crenshaw on the historic and catastrophic parallels to “finding unity” and “moving on.”

And, as is so often the case these days, Acey’s pictures and directions and catalogues of thought and image are rolling through my nervous system.

The sewer cap above is one of many answers to Liz’s question: can you find beauty in the suburbs? Look at the color of that brick! The rust! And the delicate shadow of a twig. They make my heart sing.

The magic green dots thrill me every time!

As I begin to explore yellow* — my cutting and piecing paper instincts want to be translated to cloth. Can I even remotely achieve the immediacy of paper collage with stitch and fabric? What a wonderful edge to open up the power of the will.

* chakra exploration with Acey

Indigo square with moon by Jude.

10 thoughts on “Where you find strength

    1. Liz A

      and I am back to say how much I especially like the first image, with its shadowed fork in the road … where will “we the people” go from here?

  1. Nancy

    Dee~ Strength comes from many places and may change over time…what works one day, may not on another. After a long December (for me), I believe the important thing is to recognize that inspiration for strength when it presents and not letting it get away!
    Coming here to your images is an exploration in a dream, as your images are both thought provoking and softly dreamy.
    Be well friend.

  2. debgorr

    Yes to finding strength with others… I’ve been reading “Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything” and “How to Do Nothing:Resisting the Attention Economy,” both of which I checked out over a week ago and have seemed so pertinent to this week in ways. The yellow is wonderful.

  3. Acey

    I really like what Liz observed about the shadow fork in the road. Also love best the fourth from the bottom. Here in the yellow month I’m confronting something that’s been true since Ferguson – when I stitch and my mind starts roaming I nearly always wind often wind up fuming and it shows in the work. Trying to use some of my will/volition this month to say if I started doing that I can also stop doing it. Had the insight I could jumpstart the shift if I also stitched in bright sunlight.


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