Monday after shit show

Good morning! A new week! One in which I shall focus my attention away from the Elise Stefaniks of the world (calling for unity. My gawd) and turn it toward the business of getting on with things closer to home.

Today: a doctor appt scheduled; phone list printed to glue to 2021 calendar (I’m analog that way).

Week 2 image of #pariscollagecollective printed out. Play begun. See below.

It’s the day I clean the downstairs bathroom.

Delivered a late Christmas gift while out with Finn and groceries arriving any minute, so: clean a fridge shelf or two.

Prep for writing session tomorrow. Write. Cut paper and move it around. Make dinner.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Definitely having a better day than this little guy — who might’ve emerged from that pipe. He’s been there for months and I only know about him because of Finn.

PCC Week Two image above prompting questions. Where are you from? Who was your mother’s mother? Has your genetic legacy propelled you or snagged you and where and how and who IS that guy?

And lastly, because we are all learning, and in some arenas with no small sense of urgency, I leave you with a topical new (to me) word learned on Twitter from Ibram X. Kendi.

He referred to trump’s army’s goals as REVANCHIST.

PS I want to emulate Hazel’s blog a little. She does lovely artwork and intersperses them with a little bit of text, so that the text and the paintings resonate off of each other.

PPS I very much relate to the recent mood over on Jude’s blog. A disorientation to time. A wondering about the value of words. The enticing draw of retreat. And yet, another day!

16 thoughts on “Monday after shit show

  1. snicklefritzin43

    Dee, This time of reflection is for me a positive strong shift in how I spend my days…more time for creating, looking, seeing, less for sound (unless birds or the wind) and conversation. May your process find a place of comfort and personal peace. .Your list speaks to me today, There’s always time for me to read, and take in your photos and words,,,,I appreciate you very much.

  2. Nancy

    Lil Foxy is doin’ the doggie head tilt thang! Saying “What?”
    I couldn’t barely look at that little lost life. It has become harder over time to bear witness. I wonder why? Is this really your family or a prompt pic only? The collage work changes the way we see the image so much!
    Your list sounds impressive to me. I’ve barely been getting a thing done these days and I agree with the day/time thing. I now have one of those square daily calendars propped on the TV across the living room…I can easily look up and read the day & date 🙂 It helps. I agree with Jude’s mood as well, that confusion piece. And I too love Hazel’s work so much, I’ve run out of words to tell her so!

    1. deemallon Post author

      TV / calendar is such a good idea! I rely too much on phone (do I ever! In spite of paper calendar and paper to do lists, it’s phone phone phone. Have you seen The Social Dilemma on Netflix ? Holy crap, the addiction exposed, the monstrous size and inhumanity of these huge tech companies.

      Paper calendar lives in the kitchen. To do list for today Is not that impressive. Bathroom takes ten minutes. I only cleaned one fridge shelf. Appt made online. Done my paper cutting, now it’s time to get upstairs and write. It’s so easy to avoid writing!

      And no that’s not my family. It’s just a prompt photo.

      1. Acey

        Spent most of today cleaning and sorting in the studio. Made the day purposeful without getting frenetic about it. Glad Kendi’s getting more airplay. Is quite well deserved imo.

      2. Nancy

        No, I’ve not seen that. We don’t Netflix. But, you do remind me of these photos in a photo essay that showed a few different scenes of groups of people, all with the phones deleted. So what you see is no one looking at another, but strange blanks looks pointed where their phone would be. pretty telling.

  3. Tina

    Yes another day .. a gift theses days! Yes feeling myself pulling back finding fewer and fewer words feeling like I’m in some kind of slump. Stitching everyday on my Abby’s high school graduation quilt .. I’m starting to get a bit nervous that it won’t get done. The days week’s months all flying by. Still making time for lots of reading finished American Dirt and thought it was written in a way that kept me turning page after page. Have now started reading Caste .. I had to gone back twice to the second chapter and know that although I never hold on to books cuz I love so much passing them on this one .. of a very few I will keep. It is cold here so am making puttanesca for dinner .. always one of my go to comfort meals. 😘

    1. deemallon Post author

      A slump is probably a fairly good response. But I’ll bet you finish that quilt.

      I’m 2/3’s thru Caste and agree that it’s a keeper. It’s been so horrifying to see her words writ large in the Capitol.

  4. Hazel

    Thanks, Dee, words (many things) have been hard lately. I appreciate how your words make me think… Was really struck by “Has your genetic legacy propelled you or snagged you…?” Probably a teeter-totter of an answer. And your sweet fox!


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