Car wash excitement

I wonder what it says about me that driving through an automated car wash was the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in a while.

Afterwards, we got gas. Picked up a bunch of scripts for my brother. Bought a jar of replacement peanut butter and a couple of magazines. Who knew a run of the mill magazine cost $12.99 now?

Here are two ways you know you’re in Southern California:

1) You see two VW Beetles (in good shape!), one with a “USC Dad” sticker;

2) The cashier complains that it’s overcast, even though the sun has come out every day for the last two weeks (and it’s out again now).

We saw the boys again. Whow-zer is traffic a thing around here. I know you know, but whew!

It was a low key visit, which was nice because it felt ordinary. We played a fun board game then drove D to the airport. We don’t know when we’ll see them again, but this time that’s actually “normal.”

It’s our last full day here. These two weeks have been daunting and at times sad, full of a strange mix of defeat and determination. Much too much to write about here.

I hope to return before the next lockdown which I’m predicting will occur this fall. What’s your sense?

I changed the rosemary bouquet of last week to bougainvillea. Today was the day I discovered that the riotous, generous, gorgeous shrub has thorns, vicious thorns!

The manuscript has mostly languished during my stay here. “No none standard” work habit. It’s hard to focus when you’ve become porous to another’s discomfort.

This is the “revealed” garden. K managed to move the giant potted jade and I cut back the rosemary and succulents that were hiding the cacti and rock. I hope when Billy’s feeling better, he’ll enjoy the view from his bathroom.

12 thoughts on “Car wash excitement

  1. Tina

    Safe travels back .. there’s truly no place like home!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family. Together after such a long time apart. Seeing your brother I can’t even imagine how hard that was .. happy to see him but sad that he is no longer his old self able to do all the things he loved.
    As for what the fall brings .. with so many not wanting the vaccine and the large unmasked gatherings I am afraid.

  2. Nancy

    Wow! That is such a great family photo! I hope you weren’t on that part of the freeway when the Dodger game was letting out!!!! lol Ugh, the worst. I agree about a wait and see attitude, no matter how good things look now. There is much more I could say here, but I’ll leave it at, I am guessing that it will be very hard to leave and oh, so good to be home again. Travel safe and be well.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks Nancy. I keep thinking about you. I think: who’s ever seen purple blossoms like these? Well, Nancy of course! Who knows the terrible condition of the 110? Nancy, of course!

  3. Marti

    I hope that Billy has a photo of the four of you because LOVE just leaps off this photo. Healing takes time but one thing i am sure of is that healing did take place – heart healing for both of you. Seeing and being with your brother, living day to day with him. Billy knowing that you were there, how he could see you, talk with you, you chopping onions, making meals, sitting next to him,” inhaling” each other, that special rhythm known only to siblings, you were there…

    Equally, you and K hugging your sons after so long, how it all flows even after a long time, your boys seeing you and K, sharing meals, love, laughter.The family together, sustained by those moments of togetherness that will hold until the next time.

    There always comes that moment when family and friends have left, when the house reverts back, when the noise and cacophony of family is just a faint echo…but that echo has permeated those walls and Billy will feel the love and support that was present when you were there because it has wrapped around the walls, baseboards, ceilings, garden, lingering until the next return, lingering especially in the heart…and that certainly helps promote healing.

  4. Martha Thayer

    Dee I loved the family photo. I agree with the other commentators, such love and warmth. Amazing isn’t it to see your family after so long and to hug them tight. And I love the gardening for Billy. The revealed garden is a treasure. xoxo


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