Rain, dream, and caution

Fell asleep to the sound of rain: lovely! Better yet, I slept til morning!

Dream fragment: I am reading a book called The Narrows. I woke with the words on my tongue. The Narrows. Rocked my spine a little before rising, as I do. The Narrows.

Right now I’m in a CVS parking lot, waiting. Out of an abundance of caution, I decided to get a post-trip Covid test. Travel went well enough but why worry?

Walking out to a world drenched by the night’s rain was a real treat! Ours is a June garden. After two weeks away, the lush tangle of it well and truly pleased. Pix later.

Waiting for results and lo! Found out that the American writer Ann Petry wrote a book called, The Narrows. I have only recently heard of her — maybe five months ago — when her novel The Street was recommended to me. I don’t remember hearing about The Narrows. Perhaps I should read it! Another exclamation point!

* test results: NEGATIVE

10 thoughts on “Rain, dream, and caution

  1. Nancy

    Love the clouds pic and glad you are home safe and tested. I look forward to your thoughts on the books. How funny to wake with a title in your head 🙂 I dream so much, I wake tired. lol Enjoy your homecoming Dee.

      1. Nancy

        For the most part, yes. I had a recurring nightmare as a very young child (under 7 yr old), that I can see like it was yesterday. Another thing, odd in my opinion, is that every now and then I recall a bit from an old dream. I’ve never decided, figured out if I’ve re-dreamed it or am just remembering. Plus, I can almost always tell what sparked a dream or certain parts. Last night I was lost, walking up and down hills in my old neighborhood…there was tons more, but I’ll leave it there. woke tired from all that walking! lol

  2. Liz A

    This called to mind Georgia O’Keeffe’s clouds … and James Taylor singing “isn’t it nice to be home again”

  3. Mo Crow

    I love the aerial view of flying but each time I fly across the US (every ten years or so since the 70’s) I am surprised by how much drier the land is getting west of the Mississippi!


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