Dancing or Fleeing – you tell me

First I double-exposed this week’s Paris Collage Collective’s visual prompt (above) with the famous Angel Oak in South Carolina.

I liked how the tree layer turned his body to lace in places and grounded him in place. However, it was dismaying to see how quickly the figure resembled a hunted Black man, particularly when red showed up.

Which is why I went and grabbed some images of Alvin Ailey dancers. I wanted the exercise to remain joyful — the trap of white entrancement with Black pain too easily fallen into. (I’ve posted about this before). Besides, I think by now we all know that Black joy is a form of rebellion. Maybe the best form.

These quickly became cluttered. And the prompt figure in many compositions continued to look like he was fleeing jeopardy. Is it just me?

I then overlaid the image with one of my script quilts. The texture imparted was interesting and I may go with it some more, but oh boy, there’s another pitfall — white people overwriting Black people’s experience with our dominant voices.

I may be overthinking things this morning, she said.

In other news, after working from home since March 13, 2020, Husband went to the office this morning. It’ll be two days a week.

There he was, holding his flashlight to illumine his sock drawer, quipping, “See? I remember how to do this!”

Moments later: “This blows.”

Being thirty years married, it wasn’t the constancy of his company that pleased me so much as how by subtracting a two hour commute, he got a lot more sleep. That’s important.

Also pandemic related: Finn has to lose weight! Tony, the biscuit-generous mailman, needs talking to and games of “Find It” out back need to go on pause (that’s where I throw treats all over the yard and tell Finn to “find it!”)

And speaking of walking the dog (I was, wasn’t I?), my hips barely hurt this morning. I’m encouraged. Maybe adding two more stretches to my nightly routine helped.

5 thoughts on “Dancing or Fleeing – you tell me

  1. Mo Crow

    (((Dee))) I am reading The Magus by John Fowles again, a favourite book that I first read when I was 25 but hadn’t reread this century, it’s like a snapshot of how we thought about life, the universe and everything back in 1966, in this 21st C world it is so politically incorrect & yet I still love it!

  2. Nancy

    Dee~ Thought provoking as always. Perhaps if he was paired with a different style of dance, it would not appear so ‘fleeing’? Or perhaps the “white people overwriting Black people’s experience with our dominant voices” is your statement of this piece? Interesting thoughts here.

  3. RainSluice

    oops I had missed this post! So great, the skateboarder. I reposted your IG post – one of my favorite things to do requiring absolutely no physical effort. Glad K only has to do 2 days a week. Hopefully the travel days are behind. Dogs are in transition, too. Poor Finn, also suffer to get back to fashion model proportions. xx M

  4. Jen

    Your 2nd stretch – pigeon pose – is amazing for the hips and all of the crap we tend to hold in the large joints. Lots of people hate the pose, or do it incorrectly, but it is one of the best of instant relief and creation of space. I’m sure those stretches have helped.


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