Adding space

I used to work bigger more often. This smallish tower quilt was getting a rest pinned to the back of another quilt and I decided, after looking at it for a day, that I liked it with a surround of brown.

I went looking downstairs, fully expecting to have to make a substituon, but I found the very cloth!

Bigger surround wd allow yellow roof. Yeah or nay?

It is going to be hot today. Dog walk was sweaty. K has his five-year colonoscopy midday and of course he needs a ride. Because of the Covid numbers, I will wait outside. Hope there’s a patch of shade.

And below find yesterday’s collage results (some of them). Feel free to skip if you’re on Instagram!

This is Paris Collage Collective visual prompt for the week
This one is not a part of the series
Look for the fedora. It represents the rise of theocratic surveillance. The birth collage speaks for itself I hope.
Original birth collage made in 90’s, when I was, you know, giving birth.
One of the weird residual attitudes of having been raised Catholic is a lasting affection for all things Mary. In my universe, she is allied with the Divine Feminine and not Christianity.
Mary’s hand is a helping hand.
Yes, that’s Jeremy Irons. One layer here is another paper collage featuring the actor and paper doll losing her head.

9 thoughts on “Adding space

  1. RainSluice

    I had not seen these all of these collages on IG. wow wow wow, I just love each one of them. as you may have guessed 😉 They almost give me cramps, but in a good way. The floating in space makes me miss those fertile days of “what if” and then “this would be terrible timing if”, and then “wouldn’t it be great if”.
    Best of luck with the darn colonoscopy trip and to K on the procedure. It is such a relief when you can feel free clear of that ordeal for another 5 years.
    I got a painting into “The Cost of War” at ARC Gallery. Forgive me if I’ve already told you – I am so excited about this and honored to be chosen, even more honored to be an American among several Ukrainian artists. Some work will be shown virtually for those who are unable to ship.
    – peace out –

  2. Liz A

    I got away with a Cologard test last time I was (over)due, but now my doc says it’s been 15 years since my last “real” colonoscopy, so off I’ll go … ugh

    Couldn’t help thinking a Fedora was too genteel a stand-in for the theocrats, but I guess horns would be a bit too obvious

  3. Ginny

    I always wondered about the Mary thing. I much prefer the divine feminine than the female vessel raped by god as a youngster. Creepy tale from the cult of men. Especially given their 2022 efforts, ugh.

    Your collages are amazing. I look forward to seeing them on Instagram and here. And 1000+ followers! That’s great! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Marti

    The Mary thing: I may have told this story before so apologies if I am repeating myself ! You know me as Marti but that is my nickname, given to me by 6 12 yr old girls when I was a camp counselor at an outdoor education camp. My legal first name is Juanita, named for my Spanish grandfather Juan. The girls, in my charge at camp, did not like that name so they shortened my last name, Martinez, to Marti and I’ve been Marti ever since I was 16. My middle name holds the story of Mary.

    My Mom was married for 5 years before she got pregnant with me. Wanting a girl, she went to church (Catholic) on Aug. 15th, the day that is celebrated as The Assumption, the day that Mary ascended into heaven after her death. My Mom prayed to the statue of Mary that the child she was carrying would be healthy and would be a girl. Exactly one month later, on September 15th, I was born and my middle name is Asuncion, the Spanish word for assumption!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Love this, Marti. Did you know September 8 is Mary’s Nativity? So you very nearly made that date as well.

      I know that date because some historians believe that the rebels who rose up on September 9, 1739 did so on that date, in part, because they believed Mary would protect them. Many rebels were from Angola, which had been colonized by the Catholic Portuguese in the 1400’s. Some Angolans practiced a syncretic religion that combined elements of their own spiritual practices and those of Catholicism.

  5. Saskia van Herwaarden

    great collages Dee! intriguing and compelling
    the birth ones bring back memories of stitches, yikes, as well as the sense of wonder and awe at my body having been capable of giving birth
    as a teenager in a non-religious family being surrounded by catholics who didn’t behave very differently from me, I just couldn’t get why any one would (want to) believe…. older and no doubt wiser, I understand more of the why, although I remain a non-believer
    Mary has become more and more a symbol of female fertility and I’m guessing she has links to earlier pre-christian belief-systems, and I now look upon her in a different light;
    am even on the lookout for a small statue of her to add to my mother’s small earth goddess collection, which I now own….huh full circle or what


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