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Shadows and poems

Muscular and assertive shadows with claims to the olden days. Wisteria.

Shadows that process.

A delicate shadow that refuses your judgment.

Shadows warmed by wood.

A shadow with secrets.

A bevy of shadows? Or perhaps a parliament. No, a convocation!

Happy Monday all! We walked out with Finn this morning, flexible in our gear. Hats on, hats off, gloves on, gloves off. Langley windy, as usual. Warmed up by the bottom of the Cypress slope, as usual. We feel spring arrive through the lens of habit and garments. Finn sleeps now. Pooped.


 Yesterday, frigid wind made a current of powdery snow race along the field’s surface turning it into something like a broad shallow river. The field was rippled this morning as a result. Two acres of scalloped arcs no artist could have designed better!

The moments up there are bright: Finn and his happy retrieval; startlingly blue skies; sun glaring off an expanse of white.

This morning a single contrail divided the sky so that when I threw the ball with the launcher, it looked like it might arc up and over the vapors.

We lost the ball. Two days in a row. Even an orange lacrosse ball can bury itself to invisibility in a couple of inches of snow. But I found an African drum! It’s broken but still… looks playable, worth keeping.

Had all kinds of things to say, but as this day winds down I find myself tired, spent with writing elsewhere.

Maybe tomorrow?