Shadows and poems

Muscular and assertive shadows with claims to the olden days. Wisteria.

Shadows that process.

A delicate shadow that refuses your judgment.

Shadows warmed by wood.

A shadow with secrets.

A bevy of shadows? Or perhaps a parliament. No, a convocation!

Happy Monday all! We walked out with Finn this morning, flexible in our gear. Hats on, hats off, gloves on, gloves off. Langley windy, as usual. Warmed up by the bottom of the Cypress slope, as usual. We feel spring arrive through the lens of habit and garments. Finn sleeps now. Pooped.

10 thoughts on “Shadows and poems

  1. Doris Tennant

    Beautiful posting. Provocative poems of kindness. I was with Mary Eggert today at Allen’s Pond Audubon sanctuary in Westport MA. Very beautiful.

  2. Liz A

    Finn’s snooze reminds me that I still nap from time to time, but nothing like the daily “must have sleep” that hit me every day for six months after a “mild” bout of Covid …

    and the poetry … such potent words in such spare parcels … “But none of this is about me” … and all of it is

    1. deemallon Post author

      I haven’t been a daily napper for years. I don’t know what changed really. Maybe it’s that the empty nest is a lot less stressful than a full one.


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