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Year ending

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Christmas Day at my sister’s

Finn: best Christmas present, ever!!

IMG_7138Because I’m not really “back” yet, here come some more double exposures. After being challenged by an African American artist about my choice of slavery as a topic over on Instagram recently, I decided to make a few collages with Irish imagery. To see what came. This was an impulse already in the making. Lots more to think and feel about all of this, but for tonight I’ll let the pictures do the talking.





2014/12/img_7101.jpgSources: the Irish female figure is a screen shot of a drawing found on internet; the three male figures appeared in an episode of “Peaky Blinders” last night, so they are a TV screen shot. The enslaved female appeared on an episode of “Finding Your Roots” (with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.,) — also recently watched; also, therefore, a TV screen shot. Cloth layers: various. Some of the Solstice Collages crept in as well.

Happy New Year, all! I can’t wait to get to all the blogs that I love to read!


IMG_7028This page* asked, “Will you celebrate your heritage?”

I’ve been thinking about ancestors lately, and the things they do or do not leave behind. The eighteenth anniversary of my mother’s death just came and went.

IMG_7030The ship shown above the rooflines above is a photo of the very vessel that transported my mother’s father, Albert Victor Jacques, from Hartlepool to New York. It arrived in this country on November 1, 1923, and he was 25 years old.

I am also wondering about how to collect these small shards of history and their images, if any, to pass them along. Here? In a private blog? On a thumb drive, and if so, what format? Anyone else tackling this?

Oh. And, it’s snowing again.

* Another two pages from Sketchbook Project, “It’s Not About Me – Questions for a Nineteen Year Old.”  The entire book is pictured in the Arthouse Coop Digital Library, here.