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Curb finds and scale

When the neighbors move, I sometimes get prizes like that chunky and lovely planter above. It’s perfect for holding some of my SoulCollage cards!

I had hoped it would work in this corner cupboard (a neighbor cast off itself which K bought for $400 and cleaned and waxed). But the planter’s too big — yet another lesson in how much scale matters. It’s also not white enough. Not sure when I became this fussy, but there you have it. (Three other white pieces on those shelves, by the way, were curb-finds and two plates purchased for a song at a yard sale).

A too-busy weekend. The good news? Having one event on the calendar inspired me to get my hair cut! (K’s office holiday party). I feel reborn. Somebody remind me in about two months, okay?

Teeny vs regular

2015/02/img_7737.jpgI am piecing up the tiny scraps that come with making the log cabin squares. Not surprisingly, I prefer the teeny compositions. I am intrigued by their scale and the sense of possibilities. Each could stand alone or they could be combined into a cloth that hangs together. How to decide?!!


2015/02/img_7738-0.jpgAnd, guess what? It’s snowing again!