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Finishing small things

Here is the word added to the small Journal Quilt.  I think of ‘freedom’ as something robust and tawny (who knows why), and yet here it is in a whispery pink. . . freedom as something subtle and fragile.

This is the finished piece.

The moon gave me a few problems.  The chenille vine upholstery fabric was thick, and seamed, even thicker.  Next time, lay flat and don’t seam?  In any case, to cover the bump, I added lace.  And, to balance things out a little, I tore some of the blue netting.

The lower lunar section reveals an inkjet fabric print of an antique map of the constellations.

“Free” has been on my mind in the wake of handling all of my free fabrics.  “Free” is on my mind thinking about what holds me back.  Something about spring sets a little piece of me free.  So grateful.

Mid Jan 2010 MOSAIC

1. itajime indigo moon with rust, 2. Bluejean nine patch, 3. Bartholomew’s Church, Tong, Shropshire, 4. Buttons, 5. Circles and blocks, 6. LaFazio_Zen Eucalyptus mid view, 7. cityscape felt, 8. stone throw revisited, 9. tsuki no ai, 10. Untitled, 11. Reflections, 12. 010410_11351, 13. something about dreaming in the winter time, 14. Wintering, 15. turning a corner., 16. Snow Brooch, 17. help quickly, 18. Bought and Found Detail, 19. moons in my eyes, 20. detail

My first mosaic! Thanks Morna for pointing the way. Great fun to search contacts by SHAPE… a reminder to include shapes in one’s tags (don’t think I have been).


PS  I had to ‘unfave’ a few pictures in order not to have blank spots in the above — what does a flickr-contributor see if one ‘faves’ and then ‘unfaves’ an image?