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Scraps as syllables

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Most quilters I know have a hard time letting even the smallest pieces of fabric go.  I have seen entire quilts made of selvedges!  I don’t keep the “dog-ear” scraps produced by clipping 1/4″ seams, but I do save miniscule pieces of felt (two large drawers full), pockets of old pants, and every shred of favored commercial prints.

While saving scraps is in keeping with the resourcefulness of early blanket-makers, it can get out of hand.  Cleaning up this weekend, I put the scraps that were on the floor to use (above & below) … which was fun and productive.   It  got me thinking about Script Quilts again (and working on one of them, last picture, below) because to me the scattering of different-sized scraps, some of which repeat, is a lot like speech.

The problem is this – now that I am reminded of what graphic punch a teeny, weeny shred of fabric can have in the right project, I am Loathe to throw them out!

Since I am taking inventory of my studio and labeling everything, I figure as long as I label WHERE these itsy bitsy pieces are going, and limit the amount to the small-ish bin designated, I’ll be okay.

To be continued…

Bricks and Mortar Class in Mass.

“Whoopee!!” she says — arms outspread in celebration.  Fall is her favorite season.  Fall’s the time to take a class!  Join my New Art Center quilting class for 12 weeks of surface design exploration:

CREATIVE QUILTING at the New Art Center
Thursdays from 1:00 to 4:00             9/15/2011 to 12/15/2011*

Class is designed for artists drawn to fabric & fiber and for experienced or new quilters.  Fabric is a unique medium – offering drape, texture, color, pattern, and sometimes narrative and history as well.  It can provide creatives who are faint of heart a way in.  We will explore how to get started and how to continue, once begun.

A twelve-week class allows for a relaxed pace.  Participants can choose to try something new every week, or use the class as a structure in which to start and finish a substantial project (or both).  Either way, you will end up with some finished work.  We will explore many surface design techniques, including:  incorporating found objects; stamping with ink; thread drawing by machine; couching; beading; bobbin-work; strip weaving; and three different image transfer processes.  You will employ several methods of connecting fabric – raw-edged appliqué, appliqué under tulle, traditional appliqué, and piecing.  Hands and machines will stitch, depending on preference

Rotary cutting will be demonstrated and used, and among the finishing techniques taught will be mitre-cornered cloth binding, so that one could use the class as a springboard to traditional quilting, if desired.

Online registration available at: The New Art Center
*No classes on 9/29 and 11/24


P.S. Readers, I have (temporarily?) changed my user name to – “sewmanypossibilities”

Corny, I know.